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Playlist: Cursive’s Halloween soundtrack

Cursive recently released their new album and what better way to celebrate than doing a playlist for us! Over to the band…


It’s October, and it occurs to me there aren’t exactly holiday albums for Halloween. Why not? Sure, you could listen to Misfits all month. Danzig. King Diamond? But Halloween specific albums tend to only rely on spooky sound effects. Which are a lot of fun. Anyway, I thought I’d make a little playlist of scary music for you to enjoy during this most wonderful time of year: Halloween Season.


Suspiria – Goblin

One of the great horror scores by a seemingly very cool Italian band. They seem to be most closely associated with Argento, though they did many other Italian horror scores as well. I love when it breaks into a rock song.



Rosemary’s Baby (cover) – Fantomas

I decided to go with this Fantomas cover of the Rosemary’s Baby Theme, because it is a whole lot of fun. Really appreciate when they scream “What have you done to it’s eyes” at the end.



Tubular Bells (Exorcist Theme) – Mike Oldfield

Classic horror music alert!



These Things Happen – The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase is producer John Congleton’s band from the turn of the century. I saw them live quite a few times and what they did was truly frightening, from a musical standpoint.



Thriller – Michael Jackson

It felt like I wasn’t allowed to make this list without including Thriller. The Vincent Price bit and the video really cement it.



Requiem (used in 2001 A Space Odyssey) – Gyorgy Ligeti

Recently saw 2001 in the theater when they rolled out the 50th Anniversary. I tend to think of all the classical music famously used in the film, so upon revisiting this in the theater I was blown away by how chilling this Ligeti piece is.



Press Gang – The Murder City Devils

The Murder City Devils always came off as macabre music to me, mainly due to their killer organ sound. We toured with them way back in the day; they can definitely give off a great horror vibe.



The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden

C’maaan, gotta throw on Number Of The Beast!! Mostly for the great opening bit, but it’s also such a delightful song.


Halloween Theme – John Carpenter

Classic horror music alert!



Death Valley ’69 – Sonic Youth (w/ Lydia Lunch)

The entire Sonic Youth record, Bad Moon Rising, is a spooky affair. This song stayed with me the most, and seems most fitting for the playlist.


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