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EP Review: Fair Enough by Minus The Bear

Seminal experimental / progressive post-rock act Minus The Bear release their farewell EP Fair Enough on Suicide Squeeze Records. After 17 years as a band, six full-length albums (of which they’ve sold over 500K copies) and an unfathomable amount of live dates, Minus The Bear have decided to call it a day – a decision that has really shaken their dedicated fanbase (247K FB Likes) – with this EP they’re going out in style.

The opener/title track was written for their last album Voids but didn’t make the cut, with a fresh perspective the band discovered the original version and were happy. Rightly so, it has the expansive yet immediate feel of an archetypal Minus The Bear track. Likewise ‘Viaduct’ shows the band at their most vibrant with all the adrenalized up-tempo drumbeats, lush electronics, and nimble guitar work that initially set them apart from their peers back in 2001.

‘Dinosaur’ has the band’s trademark classic rock groove over an ambient structure. There’s an innocence to the track that shines bright, especially with the opening keyboard line – a ham-fisted hook originally conceived on a cheap iPhone piano app. Closer ‘Invisible’ is a nod to their history of remixes with Sombear providing a hypnotic raved up remix. Excellent stuff from a band that will be sorely missed.

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