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Album Review: Beside Myself by Basement

Ipswich alt rock act Basement released their fourth album Beside Myself on 12th October via Fuelled By Ramen. The album was co-produced by Colin Brittain and the band themselves, engineered by Alex Prieto, and was mixed by Rich Costey.

With a sound heavily influenced by early 90s acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Nirvana, as well as emo bands the Promise Ring and Braid, Basement come out sounding something like a more accessible and immediate version of Title Fight.

If you aren’t already familiar with the band, you’re missing out. Start with their 2011 debut I Wish I Could Stay Here, then revel in the anthemic alt rock of Colourmeinkindness (2012) before you get to their triumphant post-hiatus return in 2016s Promise Everything.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with Basement then you’ll already know if you’ll like Beside Myself. It poses nothing new, it’s more of the same. If it’s not for you, leave now as it most definitely is for us.

The album opens with two singles ‘Disconnect’ and ‘Be Here Now’, both are archetypal Basement tracks – big in emotion and quick on the immediacy. This is an album that starts on a high and never dips, its all the highest standard and if alt rock is your thing you’ll fall in love immediately. ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Keepsake’ serve up an excellent double header of anthems in the making – even after your first listen it’s nigh on impossible not to start singing along to either one.

‘Changing Lanes’ slows things down and ramps up the emotion in an acoustic album before recent single ‘Stigmata’ launches in with its powerful riffs and big chorus. It’s up there with the band’s best material. ‘New Coast’ takes a poppier feel, with moments of chorus almost sounding like Ash. ‘Slip Away’ is another highlight with its churning riffs, simmering energy and explosive chorus before ‘Right Here’ closes with heartfelt aplomb.

Basement mightn’t be reinventing the wheel, but they’re bloody great at what they do.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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