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Playlist: Shading – Influences

With the release of their new single ‘The Scent’ earlier in the month, we caught up with Italian prog-metal act Shading to find out what tracks have influenced the band. First up the single:


Tesseract – Nocturne


The rhythm pattern during the verse is something we really went crazy for when we first heard ‘Nocturne’. We loved it so much that we’ve tried to incorporate the same concept on our songs, this is something you’ll hear most obviously in our album track “Breathless”.


Periphery – Make Total Destroy


Fast riffing, heavy chugs and melodic choruses – it’s fair to say that almost every Periphery song has influenced us and our taste when it comes to writing. ‘Make Total Destroy’ is just one example of a more intricate and layered sound that we have fallen in love with as musicians!



Architects – Gravedigger


With “The Vanishing Of Our Lore”, we wanted our writing to be as “in your face” as that of Architects. Sometimes we want to sound to be complex and delicate, sometimes we want to be more direct – without filters or any kind of layering. Pure riffing, just like in ‘Gravedigger’!



Monuments – Atlas


The vocal lines in this song are outstanding! Chris has gone mad with the harmonization! Bouncing drumming, insane riffing and clean passages, all these characteristics inspired us constantly when we were writing “The Vanishing of Our Lore”, especially songs like “Yomi” and “Lore “ – which is also the most significant song for understanding the concept behind the entire album.



David Maxim Micic – Devise


Hands down, David is a genius. He has such a rare taste for guitar parts, but also he can write amazing songs with original structures! The outro in this song inspired us with the writing of “Stranger”, which fits a very unique place in the album being the only “calm” song in the album. If listeners are wondering where this sound came from, it’s drawn from an admiration of David’s work.






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