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Playlist: a-tota-so – Influences

To celebrate the release of a-tota-so’s debut album, we caught up with the guys to get a playlist of their favourite tracks and influences.


  1. Hurry Up It’s Time – Chiyoda Ku

We love Chiyoda Ku. We’re Known them for ages now and they’re like our little brothers at this stage. It’s sickening how talented they are, and they absolutely nail the kind of moody music we all enjoy listening to.


  1. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle – Nirvana


Marty – I don’t think I’d ever have picked up a guitar if it hadn’t been for Nirvana. They definitely sparked something in me the moment I first heard them and just made me want to play loud, noisy music. They will always be one of my favourite bands.


  1. When The Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme – Giraffes? Giraffes!


Marty – These guys are the probably one of the main reasons I play weirder music. It’s just stupidly enjoyable to listen to and the breakdown in this track is one of my favourite pieces of music in the world. It was so awesome finally getting to see them play live at their recent ArcTanGent show. So much love for these guys!


  1. Cosmonaut – At The Drive-In


Jamie – I listened to this album to and from colleges for the best part of a year tapping on my knees and kicking the rubber padding on the bus. It pretty much taught me how to drum.


  1. Grave Architecture – Pavement


Jamie – it’s my favourite song and I think it’s dead good! If you don’t know it go and listen to it.



  1. Loosed – Kal Marks


Chris – As I play bass in atotaso I just chose songs that I love for the b lines. I heard about Kal Marks from Chappie the guitarist in Pile. And yes the bass is delicious.


  1. Golden Apples – Country Teasers


Chris- I love Country Teasers and Ben Wallers is a really fascinating guy to me. The bass line in this song got stuck in my head and now I can’t get it out.


  1. Boss Kitty – OXES


All- OXES were a phenomenal 3 piece from Baltimore. A big influence on all of us in atotaso and their live shows were crazy fun, technically not together anymore but go buy all their albums.



  1. Full Disclosure – Fugazi


Anything by Fugazi could have made this playlist. They were another big influence on us when we started off playing in bands so choosing just one song was tough.


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