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Album Review: They’re Not Secrets Anymore by Last Wild Lion

Last Wild Lion’s release their debut album They’re Not Secrets Anymore on 21st September. Recorded at Post Electric Studios in Edinburgh with Rod Jones (Idlewild), mixed by Kris Pohl (Roddy Woomble, Greg Foat) and mastered by Ed Woods (The Who, The Manic Street Preachers).

They’re a 5-piece alternative rock band based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They blend the earnest, heart-on-sleeve approach from the late 90s emo scene with the magical choruses of the 80s, and other times they sound like Bloc Party with dashes of 80s new wave – no more so than on ‘Drive’ which is the standout track of the album.

Overall, it’s a good album if a little over the top. Take ‘This Is Everything’ as an example, there’s the basis of a good pop rock sound there, then the vocal comes in and it just overshadows everything else – there’s no restraint and the vocal becomes a little too high pitched. Conversely you have the delicate and structured ‘Room To Breathe’ straight after it and there’s a hint of something special about the band.

‘Sky Lantern’ and ‘Before I Knew’ show two different sides to the band – minimal pop rock against hook heavy alt rock. Both are good tracks even if the latter does sound a little unpolished. Then you have the unashamedly pop rock moments of ‘Worse At Night’ and the balladry of ‘Seasons’. The former is a pretty poor song and sounds a little too like some American country-rock hybrid, it’s on the latter, slower more gradual tracks that the band excel. It’s not brilliant but it shows where they’re strengths lie. Perhaps if the album was a little more focused and the band hone their sound a bit more then they could be onto a winner.

AD Rating 5/10

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