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Album Review: Island by Living With Lions

Vancouver five-piece Living With Lions release their third album Island on 21st September via Redfield Records (EU) No Sleep (USA) Bloom Records (CAN) Ice Grill$ (JPN). The album was recorded by Stu McKillop (Comeback Kid, The Dreadnoughts) at Rain City Recorders, and mixed/mastered by Kyle Black (Boston Manor, Comeback Kid) at Alley Studios in Los Angeles.

2018 will prove to be a big year for Living With Lions. With their ‘Island’ complete the group looks to get back to what they truly enjoy the most, playing music together.  “I know we couldn’t have done it without each other. We’ve learned to lean on one another when things aren’t looking good… Despite all the things we went through though, in a weird way, I know the record turned out better because of it.” – Chase Brenneman (Vocalist).

Island is a snappy, emotive record full of big hooks. It’s a mainstream rock album with a punk rock core. Imagine a more radio-friendly version of The Wonder Years and you’ll be on the right track. This is the first album in seven years – since the departure of front-man Stu Ross in early 2012, many questioned what this would mean for the future of Living With Lions; Chase, Landon, Loren, and Bill did not. “It was a big decision, but not a hard one. There was so much more we wanted to accomplish as a band” says Chase Brenneman.

It’s the sound of a band revitalised and chomping at the bit. It’s a band doing what they want and having fun. ‘Tidal Wave’, ‘The Remedy’ and ‘Plastic Flowers’ are the go-to tracks within a strong album. Album closer and title track ‘Island’ is the standout track – ambitious and laced with relatable emotion. Powerful stuff.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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