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EP Review: Geodesics by Masiro

Oxford mathcore threesome Masiro release their new EP Geodesics on 7th September. The band spent their formative years shaping their set and focusing on their art. By 2016, the three-piece created their first EP, Technocologist Unknown and by 2017, the band were ready to lay down ideas for their sophomore EP. After many months of work, the trio put the final touches to the record in the Spring of 2018. The EP features Charlie Cruickshank on saxophone for the song, ‘K-Ursa’, and long-time friend and collaborator, Lee Riley, supplying drone material for the track, ‘Intermission: Graveyard Orbit’.

This is an EP that sees Masiro flourishing and spreading their wings. It shows the full range of talents at the heart of the band through six distinct and varied tracks. Opener ‘Andromeda Handshake’ is a blistering assault of mathcore displaying both aggression and the knack for sumptuous intricacies. ‘K-Ursa’ is more brooding and slow paced with the saxophone giving the track a smooth jazz vibe. ’21;15’ plays as a gradual math rock track with tones of post-rock atmospherics seeping through before ‘Intermission: Graveyard Orbit’ completely turns things on its head in two and half minutes of haunting drone. While both tracks differ massively they’re both excellent with the latter segueing perfectly into the accomplished and ambitious ‘End Permian’ you really couldn’t ask for more. Closer ‘Grand Trine’ takes everything that has gone before it and condenses the vitality of the EP into 6 minutes – the perfect finish for an EP that sets Masiro out as a band to watch.

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