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Album Review: True North by Weary Eyes

Russian math/post-rock act Weary Eyes release their new album True North on 31st August. They’ve shared the stage with 65daysofstatic, And So I Watch You From Afar, Maybeshewill, Caspian and Dredg, participated in the Bosco Fresh Fest in Moscow and the V-Rox Music Festival in Vladivostok.

True North, the band’s third album following WWGBBYW (2014) and How To Leave Places (2015), is a varied and ambitious album combining elements of math, post-rock, hardcore and ambient. It’s the marker of a band that have plenty of promise and could very easily become your new favourite band.

After a frenetic intro, opener ‘Dreamer’s Disease’ turns into an expansive post-rock track with dashes of math intricacies and hooks. It sets the bar high and the album never waivers from this high point. ‘Lightfighter’ is your archetypal immediate post-rock stormer. While there’s quieter moments it is largely upbeat and full of all the exploratory and soaring guitar work you could ever want, the crescendos are up there with the very best.

‘Sarah Jessica Darker’ ventures into technical math rock territory. It goes for the jugular with its stream of intricate and off kilter notes. There’s a hint of Adebisi Shank with a pop sensibility thrown into the mix. ‘Captain Nowhere’ turns things on its head with a more ambient post-rock feel (for the most part). The subtler approach is a joy to behold as the textures seep in and engrain themselves on your subconsciousness.  As with any instrumental song worth its salt, it oozes emotion and transports you from the serine through to jubilation amongst many other emotions.

‘Once The Clouds Lift’ carries on the post-rock tones and expands upon the layers and emotions of the preceding track. The build-up and resulting crescendo from the second minute is worthy of getting this album alone. ‘V’ is foot tapping immediate math rock number before ‘Invisible Hand’ shines bright as the albums more ambitious and expansive track. Combining the bands math and post rock credentials with in your face riffs it is an exhilarating listen that you can’t help but get swept up in. Title track ‘True North’ plays the perfect counterweight going for a more drawn out approach before ‘Your Battle Are Over’ closes the album in exemplary intricate and emotional fashion.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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