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Album Review: Love and Loathing by With Confidence

With Confidence release their second album Love and Loathing on 10th August via Hopleless Records. Working with producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Neck Deep), the band recorded 12 songs at his Los Angeles studio in just over a month, the album ranges from simple pop rock to plinky ballads.

This is an album that will appeal to the lowest common denominator. Bland pop rock for the lowest for the masses. It’s formulaic, lifting from a template of what is popular in the summer of 2018. Twelve tracks about “first loves, blistering breakups and everything in-between” – a tried and tested topic that will appeal to a young and impressionable audience.

“There’s a looming relationship with loathing, mostly about the concept of self-loathing,” says lead singer and bassist Jayden Seeley. “That period before getting into a relationship is very introspective—you’re trying to be a better person, but a lot of how that happens is because people are really hard on [themselves]. That ties back to love just as strongly, because in the relationship, you want to keep being better. In every way.”

For the most part it is an album that will make you cringe by how predicable and stale it is. Each track could be attributed to a wealth of pop rock bands, couple that with the lyrical content and it is instantly familiar and overdone.

The quieter ballads like ‘Pâquerette (Without Me)’ are impressively bad and nothing more than pop fodder. The more ‘rock’ based tracks don’t fare much better and edge on being insipid. If there’s one redeeming track it’s the spikey ‘Icarus’ which hints at some talent within the band.

This probably wasn’t worth us reviewing, never mind you (as the listener) giving it the time of day. Then we read about the ‘allegations’ of ‘sexual misconduct with a minor’ (read here) and took another point off our score.

AD Rating 2/10

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