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Album Review: American Dream by Trophy Eyes

Australian band Trophy Eyes release their third album The American Dream on 3rd August via Hopeless Records. This marks a change for the band, moving on from the punk drenched tones of 2014’s Mend, Move On and 2016’s Chemical Miracle. This is an Americanised version of the band, a version of the band made to make the transition into the mainstream.

After years of global touring with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Violent Soho, Trophy Eyes frontman John Floreani found himself dropped in the Texas town in 2016, drawn there by his girlfriend. Bands like U2, The Killers, and Coldplay sound tracked his surroundings in the Deep South—the dense, humid air; the bustling cowboy bars; the nightly symphony of crickets and brilliant glow of lightning bugs—and inspired a new era of song writing.

Most importantly, does it mark an improvement in the band? Are they better for the change? Simply put, no. Not even slightly.

What was once a band with genuine potential, a band that was close to getting their best sound out there have turned into a generic, bland pop rock band. The band have seemingly abandoned any goals to make a well structured and exciting album, rather plumping for a collection of 12 tracks that try to cram in as many hooks, choruses and sing-along moments without having anything close to meaningful content.

‘Friday Forever’ and ‘You Can Count On Me’ are moments where the band come close to good tracks. The latter, being the lead single, has touches of the old Trophy Eyes and certainly didn’t hint at the full departure the album turns out to be. Other tracks like ‘More Like You’ and ‘Broken’ are messy and boring then you have the plain dull and unadventurous ‘A Cotton Candy Sky’ and ‘Tip Toe’.

It couldn’t really be much worse. If this was any other band, we probably wouldn’t have considered reviewing it, but Trophy Eyes had some decent talent. Change is good, abandoning everything that made you exciting isn’t.

AD Rating 4/10

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