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Playlist – Fine Creatures – What We’re Listening To

With Fine Creatures releasing their debut EP Electric La La Land on 27th July, we caught up with the band to find out what they’re currently listening to… prepare yourselves…


“7 songs we’re currently listening to”





This is a guilty pleasure for me. I grew up on Pop/Punk as well as Indie etc, but this as a song is so catchy and actually a well-crafted summer pop song. There’s a slightly 90’s vibe going on here, but it’s still modern as well. I love songs that have this feel good, positive energy to them, even if the lyrics aren’t so deep or meaningful. Yet there are some good lyrics in this song. They’re commenting on the madness of what’s happening around us today, whether it be politics, news or social media. That’s what I get from it anyway. I think the chorus is almost sarcastic, “Everything Is Fine and nothing matters”, when things are clearly not. It’s the sunny optimism combined with some slightly dark elements that make this song catchy and interesting. It’s been on repeat on my phone for weeks.







Another cheesy masterpiece. We find this song as fun as it is brilliant. We never really venture into 80’s pop that much but we’re starting to explore it much more. Melody-wise, it’s so simple and easy to listen to; the synth lines in the verse are so catchy. The live performance in Athens in the link is so epic, but hilarious at the same time. When we have a night in, after a couple of beers we start to imitate Peter Gabriel’s sledgehammer move in the chorus, I think there’s something we can all learn from those moves. The band are so tight and together and when they start dancing it makes them even more badass. At the same time, the 80’s cheese is very present… Massive guilty pleasure





The 1975 are one of those bands that you shouldn’t really like but you end up respecting them and their music because of the conviction that they have towards their creativity. The impression I get from them is that they believe that one shouldn’t be ashamed to like or be influenced by all types of music whatever the genre. “Give Yourself a Try” for me confronts the superficial elements of life today, and tries to remind you what’s important in life. The song title is almost saying “forgive yourself” or “focus on yourself”, rather than the externals. It’s open to interpretation which is why it works. The 1975 combine feel-good modern pop music and profound modern statements, but it never seems too preachy.







This has been on repeat for me for weeks. It’s a classic love song, about surrendering yourself to someone. There’s something about the sincere emotion in his voice when he sings the lyrics, which pulls on your heartstrings in the cheesiest possible way. I only discovered this band recently, but they’ve only blown up in the last couple of years, and for good reason. I’m a sucker for sappy love songs, and this is one that I keep coming back to. Similar to the 1975, Sundara Karma are good at simple, to the point melodious pop songs, with quirky modern lyrics. (James)





Really into this track even more because of the music video. Kendrick always has really interesting and complex music videos. He’s as much an artist as he is a popular musician. I feel like “Humble” comments on ego in modern society. Being a musician, or in a band in general, there are always ego’s floating around. You need to check yourself sometimes and be self-aware enough to notice when your ego is getting out of hand. At the same time as having an important message, it’s a catchy tune with an interesting and clever arrangement. Kendrick is one of those artists that has this charisma and lyrical talent that makes you come back for more and more. He tends to challenge popular music, by being creative and experimental. That’s inspiring for any artist. To have that creative freedom to express yourself within popular music. That’s the dream.





Catfish are a band we’ve gotten into over the past couple of years. After seeing them at YNOT festival (2016) and Community festival (2017), we’ve been blown away by the live following they have. They’re amazing live, and they keep getting better. The first album for me is one of the best albums of the past 5 years. With simple, relatable lyrics, they draw you in. Kathleen is one of those songs which pull you in with its seductive lyrics about lust and longing. The rocky, strokes vibe of this song gets you into it easy, if you’re into indie music. The idea of being obsessed with someone, that you lose yourself in them is a powerful theme.






As a song, it’s so simple and catchy but it has this interesting arrangement. The chorus is basically this simple 80’s type synth, which washes over the driving beat of the drums. This was our summer song of 2017. When we played three shows at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, we’d put this on backstage before we’d go on. It brings on the summer vibes. We all need a feel-good summer song. This is one of the first bands that made us want to listen to new guitar bands again. I think it’s easy to be cynical about new music and say that pop music is getting “worse”. You need to be open-minded, especially when you are in a band and you’re ambitious, it’s so important. I think there is still good music out there, and this song is a testament to that.


Thanks for checking out our list – our debut EP ‘Electric La La Land’ is out Friday 27th of July, be sure to check it out.

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