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EP Review: Electric La La Land by Fine Creatures

Fine Creatures release their debut EP Electric La La Land on 27th July via Symptom Records. Engineered by multifaceted producer Dan Austin (Doves, SLØTFACE, Mallory Knox, Young Legionnaire) at Eve Studios, Stockport / Real World, Bath the EP has all the ingredients for a catchy, immediate release.

Formed of three friends studying at university, the inception of Fine Creatures took place through sharing a student house and a love of ‘60’s pop and ‘90s alt-rock. With the later addition of Malte Henning on guitar, the Brighton four-piece were complete – and things really started to pick up.

“When we first started, I always said that I wanted to be ‘the dirty Beatles’,” laughs Fine Creatures frontman, James Hall. “That’s a good way to describe us.”

It’s an element of accuracy too. They’re certainly as inoffensive as the Beatles. That’s where it stops though. There’s nothing ‘dirty’ about this, it’s clean cut, radio friendly rock. Imagine a nondescript track you find in the middle of a compilation used as filler – Electric La La Land is five of those.

Five tracks that are perfectly pleasant and enjoyable at the time without leaving any kind of lasting impression. It’s one of those reviews that are hard to write because there’s not much to say about any of the tracks. Their biggest strength being that they aren’t unlistenable. It’s background music with ‘Get Up’ being the only track with any real energy. If you’re giving this a proper listen you’ll struggle to get through all five tracks.

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