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Playlist: Wild Cat Strike – Influences

Wild Cat Strike recently released their new single ‘I Feel Good’ and to celebrate we got them to make a playlist of their influences. First up the single:



Modest Mouse – Interstate 8

I was listening to the album (Interstate 8) during writing and recording, and the title track especially sticks out as inspirational.



Explosions in the Sky – Let Me Back In

A long time favourite for structure and the awesome power of multiple, perfect guitar layers.



Why? – Twenty Seven

I’ve been addicted to this song since I first heard it. I love the sickly sweet slightly macabre lyrics mixed with the slurring tempo. It’s a classic happy sad song.



Mewithoutyou – A Stick, A Carrot & String

Structurally simple, building song song, driven by profoundly whimsical lyrics. Making big ideas fun.



Weezer – Say it Ain’t So

I love the guitar sound on the blue album. I often used it as a reference for the heavier parts of Rhubarb Nostalgia.



Andy Shauf – The Magician

I was listening to the album this song is off a lot while we were recording the album. I think it might have rubbed off on me a bit while it was coming together. The arrangement and sounds are incredible.



Mogwai – Auto Rock

We started to incorporate some piano on the new record, (played by our former bassist Guy Jones) and I wanted to channel this sort of vibe. Structurally it’s completely removed from the traditional notion of verse chorus verse. Haunting melodies build into a pounding crescendo.



Natalie Evans – Lyre Song

We wanted to add a bit more density to the vocals on our record so asked our label-mate Natalie to sing some harmonies on it. She came to the studio for a day and killed it; an obscenely talented musician.



Tall Ships – T=0

We also asked some friends to come lay down some gang vocals, including members of Delta Sleep and Intechnicolour as well as Matt who was in Tall Ships. Coincidentally, I had done the same thing 6 years previously for Tall Ships when they were recording their first record, so it was really cool for that to come full circle. I remember recording the “Everything Touching” line at the end of this song and having the melody stuck in my head for months after.



Toto – Africa

For obvious reasons.


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