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Playlist: The Survival Code’s influences

Two-piece The Survival Code release their new album Hopelessness of People on 31st July, we caught up with Gary McGuinness (vocals / guitar) to get a playlist on their influences.

First up, here’s their new single ‘Along the Way’:


System of a Down, NEEDLES :

The energy, attack, harmonies and impact this band had cannot be underestimated. The album “Toxicity” was a work of art and came about when we were in High school so very pivotal in terms of how we write and what we like. “NEEDLES” captures all of that so well, along with one of their infamous middle 8’s which build back into a steady beat – awesome


Coheed and Cambria, Apollo 1 :

As a band Coheed have inspired us so much with their high octane vocals, beautiful harmonies and mesmerising guitars. “Apollo 1” is a great example of what they do and it’s definitely a song we revisit every few months, and it is old enough to have helped influence the direction from the band’s inception. I also met and saw them live in Madison Square Garden when they played in 2009, one of my all time favourite performances


Alkaline Trio, Trucks and Trains :

Alkaline Trio’s songwriting is one of the main reasons I write songs. I loved their contrast in imagery versus lyrics/music and spent a great deal of my adolescence listening to all their albums on repeat. “Trucks and Trains” is taken from “From here to infirmary” which is a perfect album to bridge the older puncher punkier sound they had before, and the more polished they achieved with “Good Mourning”. Alkaline Trio’s “Good Mourning” was also the first full album I recorded start to finish playing all parts to try to get an understanding of how albums work from tracking to instrumentation. They play a huge part in where we are today


Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around :

A little different to the previous tracks but JC definitely influenced the band, especially the darker imagery and older more fragile voice in his older collections. “When the man comes around” is just perfect and any song off this album could have worked equally as well.


Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight Tonight :

It feels like this track has always been there, or at least since we were so young we didn’t know better. What a track, we play it to this day in jams in our own way, stunning and iconic. This and “Zero” were two of the first rock songs we heard and helped us on a path we have never looked back from


Placebo, Every You Every Me :

What a great rock band! Their songwriting was a real inspiration back in high school and later then in college. The blending of the simplest of riffs, with emotion and marvellous melodies made sure this song never leaves my head once it gets in. Their spine all these years has also been a duo so we see some similarities in our new setup


Oasis, Live Forever :

We don’t credit these guys enough! They always slip the mind as it’s not something either of us play in our day to day anymore. There can’t be any question that we would not be into music we are, in the way we are without these guys. So many banging tunes, so much attitude! In spite of us going into heavier genres and ultimately playing far less indie, the songs that band made along with the impact on us at that age can’t be understated!


Deftones, Passenger :

Couldn’t resist the temptation to have both Deftones and Tool (Maynard) in one song to try in a way to tip the cap to two of our favourite bands, along with a huge influence on us musically. This song has it all, mood, a stunning beat, thick guitars and it’s so heavy with emotion. The melody and delivery is immense, we try all the time to touch aspects of the feel in parts of our songs along with emulating some of the vocals


Silverchair, Emotion Sickness :

Emotion sickness is epic and a reflection of a band that had the world (if not Australia ) at their feet on their 3rd album. We have always wanted to capture the drama and impact of that song, especially as it ends and becomes a completely different beast. Our first album “MMXV” was heavily influenced by them, to the point we had a few too many strings trying to capture some of this drama


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