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Album Review: We All Know by Talons

Instrumental post-rock act Talons release their third album We All Know on 27th July va Holy Roar Records. With a slow and steady approach to album releases, this album comes in the year of their 10th anniversary as a band, it’s immediately obvious how much effort and care went into this album. It’s the Talons you know but this time it’s a little bolder, a little bigger and even more enthralling.

While 2013’s New Topographics saw the band changing focus with stronger neo-classical influences as well as bringing a more rhythmic and expansive sound, We All Know marries all the best parts of Talons to provide a driving and exhilarating post-rock album.

Opener ‘The Drowning’ goes big on the atmospherics. As the track spends it’s first minute building one instrument at a time there’s a sense that this is setting up something special. The track settles with a delicious throbbing bassline before reverting to a pulsating build up that gets the blood racing. ‘On Levels’ revels in its devastatingly heavy riffs complemented perfectly by the strings before the track develops into an expansive and meandering dreamlike state.

‘Cradles’ is simply a stunning post-rock track. Think of the emotive, almost minimal, atmospherics Mogwai create (especially on their soundtrack work) and you’ll be close to the mark. Haunting and chillingly emotional, this is one of the standout moments of the album. ‘Movements on Seven’ has an experimental feel, going off in directions you wouldn’t expect and with a pummellingly frantic drumbeat it takes a couple of listens to get your head around. ‘Long Reading Room’ lets the neo-classical side come to the fore and acts as a timely reminder what good musicians Talons are. Stunning.

‘Southern Shade’ acts as the perfect track to showcase what Talons are all about – this is the band at their best. The controlled frantic energy segueing perfectly into delicate atmospherics, with both providing a knock punch in impact. ‘Over and Again’ has the feel of a live anthem, the big riffs churn and repeat before the track bursts with intricate guitars to provide the perfect counterbalance. Title track ‘We All Know’ has some the best violin work, but it’s in closer ‘Quiet’ that Talons really excel. A stunning track full of all the essential Talons ingredients it gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end and you can’t help but be blown away on every listen.

AD Rating 9/10

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