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EP Review: Sunhead by Plini

Instrumental rising star Plini releases his new EP Sunhead on 27th July via Unique Leader. It’s the next step in a creative journey, where he continues to experiment with prog, fusion, rock and much more. Plini is an independent solo artist from Sydney, Australia. He composes, plays guitar, records, produces and manages his unique brand of instrumental progressive rock all from a bedroom studio.

Sunhead features some exciting collaborations, including backing vocals and production from Skyharbor’s Devesh Dayal (‘Salt & Charcoal’), saxophone from The 1975’s John Waugh (‘Flâneur’), piano and keyboards from Anomalie (‘Flâneur’) and a guitar solo from Tim Miller on ‘Sunhead’. The recording line up is completed with drummer Chris Allison and bassist Simon Grove, with Plini performing everything else.

Brace yourself for some prog rock. Occasionally it gets a little too prog rock. Opener ‘Kind’ is a decent track that excels with some big riffs and enthralling moments. Unfortunately, it’s a highpoint that isn’t match in the remaining 3 tracks. ‘Salt + Charcoal’ has the basis of an excellent track but veers off into prog rock nonsense more than once, it’s the same fate for ‘Flâneur’ – again there’s the foundations of a good structure and some excellent riffs but for more than two thirds of the track it disappears into self-indulgent prog and experimentation. The saxophone and piano parts are unnecessary and don’t add anything. Title track and closer ‘Sunhead’ comes the closest to the early heights with some top-notch crushing riffs, but it’s not long before the track falls foul to the previous prog tangents.

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