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Playlist: Tides of Man – American Post-Rock

Florida instrumental post-rock act Tides of Man release their new album Every Nothing on 3rd August and to celebrate/whet your appetite we asked them to put together a playlist of their favourite American post-rock acts.


Brace yourselves, this is a stonking playlist.

To start off here’s their new single ’Static Hymn’.



Ranges – The Ascensionist


Ranges are great friends and a great band. I love the atmosphere in the intro , of this track, with the modulated delay swells setting the mood. The track also has a super catchy hook which I feel is so important when it comes to instrumental music. If it’s not memorable, a song just gets lost on the listener. Thankfully this track sticks with you long after it ends.




Russian Circles – Harper Lewis


This song is just badass. The flow from section to section is so unpredictable, and every time it switches to a new feel, I start bobbing my head and getting stoked. It has such an iconic drumbeat throughout the intro that drops into some heavy chugs, and then it breaks into that sick guitar tapping section before kinda droning on with a dark melodic outro. Love it.




Caspian – Arcs Of Command


This track is just so full of energy. The way the music builds with the pulsing synth and pounding drums creates so much tension, and then it finally just explodes. This song will make you feel like you can conquer the world.




Covet – Glimmer


We’ve been waiting for Covet to release a full length album ever since we went on tour with them in the spring of 2016. They finally have one coming out and they recorded at VuDu Studios where we did Every Nothing. So excited for them and this song is so beautiful! The band is full of amazing musicians and this track is a great display of their talent.




Vasudeva – Tuxford Fall


Touring with these guys was great, and this song was a highlight every night. Every time I hear it I’m brought back to that tour and i can’t help but remember all the good times. The energy and the melodies in this song make it stand out, but everything this band has done is phenomenal.




This Will Destroy You – Three Legged Workhorse


This song is so simple, but so effective. The textured electronic drums, the beautiful melody and gorgeous chord progressions all stand out. This band is such an influence on us when it comes to creating a mood and trying to evoke emotions from our instruments.




Explosions In The Sky – Human Qualities


Explosions In The Sky is seemingly the gold standard for post rock and their album The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place is considered by many to be a true classic of the genre.


However, the album that got me into them was Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. This track is a favorite on the album and was important when I was first exploring instrumental music and post rock specifically.




Maserati – 12/16


Maserati is such a cool band. I love the constant rhythms and repetition that they use. It’s hypnotic and trance inducing. Drummer Jerry Fuchs was a machine and this song just has such a solid, simple groove. That gnarly bass tone too…




The Mercury Program – Tequesta


The Mercury Program does so many things I love. Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, tasty jazz influenced drumming, and hypnotic repetitive guitar riffs. This band is great, and they’re fellow Floridians too.




Pelican – Strung Up From The Sky


Pelican was the first instrumental rock band I ever checked out. Strung Up From The Sky, to me, has everything I love about them. Dark atmosphere, catchy riffs, and a crushing heaviness that just hits so hard.



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