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Album Review: We Already Lost The World by Birds In Row

French melodic hardcore act Birds In Row release their new album We Already Lost The World on 13th July via Deathwish. Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk, and related sub-genres, Birds In Row offer something of substantial weight to their listeners. Collectively carrying sombre hearts and poignant souls, they navigate through melancholic seas to shape beautifully hook-laden songs unlike anything else out there today.

We Already Lost the World is their latest, a stunning nine song album that blends post punk and angular rock influences into something emotional and electric. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauve at The Apiary, and mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab.

Powerful and commanding from the outset, this an album to get lost in the barrage of riffs but also one in which you can revel in the melodic parts. An album that has something for everyone. ‘Love Is Political’ is the first track on the album that really makes you sit up and take notice, thunderous hardcore paves the way for a barrage of riffs and strained vocals. Then ‘We vs Us’ comes along and turns things on its head. Coming in on the melodic side of hardcore it displays the unique talents of Birds In Row and how they can combine the visceral with something that boarders on the catchy.

‘Remember Us Better Than We Are’ takes us back to a purer hardcore sound. It’s not bone crunching, but it has all the punch and aggression you could ever need. Combine that with the band’s talent for structuring a track in a way that the melodic moments complement the more visceral parts and you’re onto a winner. ‘I Don’t Dance’ has a wonderful, throbbing bassline before ’15-38’ takes things to another level of goodness. Melodic hardcore doesn’t get any better than this – essential listening – oozing with passion and aggression at every juncture yet being instantaneous, you can’t help but fall in love with the track.

‘Triste Sire’ is a frantic and immediate slab of well-structured hardcore before ‘Morning’ plays as the more considered and stretched out counterpoint to its aggression. It’s a great track that once again showcases the ingenuity and invention at the heart of Birds In Row. Closer ‘Fossils’ is the perfect ending. Visceral and super aggressive before dropping the speed and introducing atmospherics to play out as a melodic hardcore track way above the genre.

AD Rating 8/10

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