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EP Review: Rejoiner by Naisian

Sheffield metal act Naisian return after a five-year hiatus with their new three-track EP Rejoinder. Originally forming over a decade ago, Naisian had since gone on to join other acclaimed bands, including Awooga, Air Force Chron, and pjaro.

Returning with the mission to play loud, heavy music, Rejoinder is a documentation of huge and primitive riffs. Recorded over a few months at the band’s own studio (Tye Die Tapes HQ), the EP replicates the band’s live sound as closely as possible. DIY to the extreme, many of the amps, guitars, and effects used are hand-built by bassist Michael’s company Aitken Audio.

Heavy sludgey riffs are the order of the day, opener ‘90ft Stone’ sounds like a slower, heavier Sepultura, but it’s on second track ‘Mantis Rising’ that the EP finds its own identity and starts delivering on its potential. The riffs are just heavy but its more immediate and more expansive, the riffs flow with a freedom and unwavering quest to be heavier and more pummelling than before. That strength is carried through to ‘Lefole’ as band couple the heavy with quieter moments and riffs that are full of energy and anguish. Enthralling.

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