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EP Review: Losers/Lovers by Orchards

Brighton alt-pop quartet Orchards release their new EP Losers/Lovers on 6th July via Big Scary Monsters. Friends since childhood, Sam (Rushton, guitar) and Dan (Fane, bass) met remaining members Will (Lee-Lewis, drums) and Lucy (Evers, vocals) in their first week at university in Brighton – the start of a friendship which has seen them become increasingly inseparable and has resulted in the tight, family unit they are today.

To date, they’ve released a steady stream of standout singles including fan favourite ‘Peggy’, the ‘80s summer pop anthem ‘Darling’, and their surprisingly meta ode to the worldwide bee colony collapse ‘Honey’ – all of which feature on the EP.

It’s a pop record run through Foals and Everything Everything influences. With a helping hand from producer Thomas Le Beau Morley (TTNG, Delta Sleep & more) there’s more than a little math-rock thrown into the mix. Math-pop with the focus firmly on the pop.

Evers’ heartfelt, poetic and relatable lyrical outpourings are an increasingly vital cog in the Orchards machine, with this latest record exploring both her experiences with loss and her mental health struggles, as well as her relationship to and connection with strong female figures in her life.

“The past year has taught me a lot about how my body and mind reacts to loss and love,” she explains, “I feel in this climate I have a perfect platform in which to vent. I tend not to question my lyrics, I don’t often edit them. Once they’re on the paper that’s it, so these tracks allowed me to learn a lot about the state I was in at the time. ‘Double Vision’ is very much about my struggle with depression and, yes, maybe not the best basis for a pop song, but I try and make the lyrics as relatable as I can, so they can be interpreted in a number of ways. I use lyric writing as a form of therapy. Once the song is written and recorded I can put that emotion to rest. It’s become a healing process for me and one I’m very grateful of.”

Apart from the issue of why this is classed as an EP (it’s 8 tracks and clocks in at just shy of 30 minutes) you can’t help but fall in love with the record. Charming, delirious, positive, big-beaming-grin-on-your-face bundles of fun. ‘Luv You 2’, ‘Age of You’ and ‘Peggy’ are the highlights amongst a very strong tracklisting. Get in on the action before they’re huge.

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