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Playlist: Silverbacks’ influences

Dublin art-punks Silverbacks, the band deeply rooted in the Fall-loving Irish scene are back with the release of their new single produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox, ‘Dunkirk’ (stream it below). To celebrate we got the bad to do a playlist of their influences.


Bo Diddley –  Gun Slinger

According to my father, Bo Diddly was my jam as a baby.


Television –  See No Evil

I’ve listened to Marquee Moon more than any other album.  The alternating guitar work between Verlaine and Lloyd is something we’ve taken from and try to emulate but with three guitarists.


Talking Heads –  No Compassion

Another band to come from CBGB, we’re all big fans of Talking Heads.  For the end of ‘Dunkirk’ we did our best at writing an instrumental loop that sounded like something taken from a Talking Heads album.



Yo La Tengo –  Deeper into Movies

Yo La Tengo have such an impressive catalogue of music and they’re a great band.  This song is up there with only of my favourites.


The Fall –  Cruisers Creek

We were very sad to hear of Mark E Smith’s passing earlier this year.  He was one of the real characters in punk and rock music.  The lyrics and drum beat in our latest single ‘Dunkirk’ was inspired by many of his songs.


Pavement – Secret Knowledge of Backroads

This is a band we sometimes get compared to by people who come to our live shows.  Apart from Malkmus’ lyrics what I like most about Pavement is their song structures.  They are often unpredictable and always interesting.


Thin Lizzy –The Boys Are Back in Town

There are times in our sets when Kilian and Peadar play double lead guitar riffs, this is our way of tipping the hat to the legendary Thin Lizzy.  There will always be at least one Thin Lizzy t-shirt in the crowd.


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