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Playlist: Phoxjaw’s influences

Phoxjaw recently released their new single ‘Triceratops’ and to celebrate we got them to do a playlist of there influences. First up their single…


My Own Summer – Deftones (JOSH)

This track has always had a big influence on me as a guitar player, the way Stephen Carpenter uses various dynamics on the same riff is something that has hugely influenced my playing within Phoxjaw.


Saviour – Black Peaks (JOSH)

Love these guys, when I first heard this track it was an example of how a song can go everywhere in the space of 5 mins, constantly evolving and chopping and changing but still with huge hooks. We are lucky to be playing with these guys at 2000 Trees and supporting them at The Cavern Club in Exeter.


Someone Calls You Ever Night But Says Nothing – Noxagt (DANNY)

A band that shock you with waves of gain and powerful repetitive bludgeoning volume until you start feeling sick – my kind of heavy.


Hey Moon – John Maus (DANNY)

Johns live performances are full of energy and his old drum machines and heavily reverbed vocals have been a huge influence on me. Old vintage synth sounds and drum beats are reminiscent very Joy Division on a lot of his work.


Black Dog – Led Zeppelin (KIERAN)

This song has influenced my drumming because of the way John Bonham really leads the band and chooses what tempo to each section in, also the power behind his drumming is incredible.


Come As You Are –  Nirvana (KIERAN)

Dave Grohl’s drumming in Nirvana has always influenced me since I was a kid but I particularly like them on ‘come as you are’ because of how well they fit the song, not flashy or full of fills just pounding beats! That’s what I try to do in Phoxjaw…just play for the song.


Russian Circles – Harper Lewis (GLENN)

A huge influence on the way I play the guitar heavily within Phoxjaw, very atmospheric, textural and huge!


Forever – Code Orange (HUW)

This band have smashed it with their take on metal/hardcore what really grabs us with this record is the textures they use to compliment the riffs it’s something that we try to implement in Phoxjaw.


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