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Playlist: Masiro – Influences

Oxford mathcore trio MASIRO have been captivating listeners with their own blend of math-prog-metal since the tail end of 2011. Originally formed with Chris Pethers on drums and Mike Bannard on guitar, the twosome wanted to push the envelope and consequently hooked up with Chris Hutchinson Mogg (ex 50ft Panda) to help fulfil their unique vision of producing a sound that is not only interesting and off kilter, but hypnotic and alluring. Although influenced by everyone from Meshuggah and Primus, through to Mars Volta, MASIRO bear their own markings, evidenced in the shape of their brand-new EP, Geodesics, which is out on Friday 7th September.

We caught up with the band to get a playlist of their influences.



Kaki King – You Don’t Have to be Afraid

Produced by John McEntire of Tortoise, an epic 8 minute track with the virtuosity and other worldly quality of Kaki King ending with a very Tortoise-esc crescendo outro. With horns! This is music where you realise you can’t explain how music makes you feel huge emotions.


Herbie Hancock – Swamp Rat

I just love the bassist Paul Jackson. One of my earliest influences learning bass as a teenager. Get home from school and sit there figuring out how to play these albums by ear.


Clutch – Tripping the Alarm

Another big influence for me as a musician, but as a drummer. I’m a groove player and Jean-Paul Gaster’s groove encapsulates everything I ever want from music.




Fugazi – Waiting Room

When I was about 14 when my friend bought the skate video VG11 – California Dreamin. There was this section where the video makers had gone to a Fugazi gig on their west coast tour and had intercut Waiting Room live with the skate video. We’d get all hyped up and go jump off some big stuff on our skates!! It was our first tastes of independence, our crew of friends and our first attempts at being in bands! Great times.


Everything Everything – No Reptiles

I was a bit of a late-comer to the EE party. Eventually I heard No Reptiles and was taken aback at how unusual the lyrics were, and then just kept coming back to it and got a bit obsessed! I love what Jonathan Briggs does with the vocals. I read a bit more into the meaning of the lyrics and feelings of disempowerment and taking personal responsibility for your life. It really gets my adrenaline going and affects me! So epic live too – everyone singing along. Incredible band.


T.R.A.M. – HAAS Kicker

We all love the TRAM record. A perfect combination of great players from Suicidal Tendencies, Animals as Leaders and The Mars Volta – a total musical Megazord! The whole record is awesome and came at a great time for us all in terms of musical tastes. When the long guitar / sax intro to HAAS Kicker drops into the main riff – that really is a glorious moment! Such a great tune. It has that sort of heavy but not heavy sound. I really wish that stars align and they make another record soon!!




Mr. Bungle – Slowly Growing Deaf

Dizzying and absurd genre schizophrenia that’s slick, crazy and FUN. Mike Patton at his best.


Alice in Chains – Rooster

Beautiful, brooding, soulful and grungey. Sends shivers down my spine every time


Anata – The Conductor’s Departure

It’s like if King Crimson decided to start a melodic technical death metal band. I come back to it again and again. The drumming is insane and the guitar work blows my mind.


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