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News: Alt Dialogue Compilation Volume 2 – Tracklists

We promised you more information today and here it is – the tracklists for each compilation (with a little bit of added information).

As you know by now all proceeds are going to Mental Health UK. Background to the compilation here.

Releasing tomorrow (30th June)


Cerebral Sabotage

  1. The Mire by Conjurer

There’s no better way to start this compilation – one of 2018’s finest heavy tracks and the first from purveyors of heavy music – Holy Roar. It’s brutal.


  1. Hermit Kuppling by Modern Rituals

Another great track from Holy Roar, this one isn’t as heavy but my word that bassline is thunderous.


  1. Rust by Fall of Messiah

We go post-metal with this beefy slab. The French know how to combine huge riffs with atmospherics.

  1. Praire by Fake Off

Keeping things French and Lonely Voyage Records related we go hardcore with this track. Constant driving riffs.


  1. Dea by CUR

Don’t be fooled by the intro, this turns into a heavy monster. Those growls are perfect then the metalcore style riffs kick in…


  1. For I Am King by Fall of Edessa

We go full metalcore with this one. The Lincolnshire band mix big brutal riffs with some sumptuous hooks.


  1. Reflect/Resolve by COVE

These guys made an appearance on our first compilation and we had to have them back. Technically it’s metalcore but the hardcore element is prevalent.


  1. Shock of The Fall by Giver

Another slab of gold from Holy Roar. This is full on hardcore at breakneck speed, yet it’s pretty darn infectious.


  1. Bird of Prey by Molarbear

Hailing from Northern Ireland, there’s elements of noise, sludge and stoner rock all thrown into the mix. It’s brutal and unforgiving.


  1. Flat by Kint

Just listen to that throbbing bassline. It’s a slow burning track going from hard rock into sludge. Uncompromising and full blooded/


  1. Wake Me Up at 4 20 by Flybums

What? Dirty hard rock that you must listen to to believe it. We’ll leave it at that!


  1. Dangerfield by NIET

We’ll temporarily go into full on noise rock from this Italian act. It’s noise rock at its finest. Let us introduce you to your new favourite Italian act.


  1. Dead Empty by RMW

Featuring ex-members of Glazed Baby, Whitey and Holy Cow this track brings things back to a sludgy grinding heavy barrage of guitars. Enjoy!


  1. The Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor Boogie by Trails

Quite the mouthful in more ways than one. Clocking in at over 12 minutes this is the compilation’s opus. Blending straight-up metal with post-metal atmospherics the perfect opportunity to let the riffs wash over you.


  1. Heathens & Cream by Civil Villains

Things turn towards hard rock with this one. A guitar lovers track, explorative rather than heavy.


  1. Shaker by InTechnicolour

Probably the most mainstream track on this compilation. Accessible but plenty of gritty and technical guitar work to please the most ardent.


  1. Break In Two by Ventenner

We couldn’t not have some industrial, albeit accessible industrial with all the big, chunky guitars you could ever want. Just get a load of those riffs at the 1-minute-30-second mark.


  1. Swings and Roundabouts by We Are Animals

Frantic pace and big riffs are the order of the day here. Ridiculously infectious too.


  1. Except Himself by USA Nails

We love USA Nails. Noise and discordance done with aplomb. It’s the perfect closer.



Mental Arithmetic

  1. Where It All Began by Coldbones

An apt title for the lead track of the compilation. Sweeping post-rock makes room for some killer riffs towards the end.


  1. The Good & Honest by LUCA

Lifted from their recent EP which was in aid of mental health, this relaxed post-rock track pulls at the heartstrings until the big emotional crescendo midway acts as the perfect release.


  1. Beg for Sleep by Flies Are Spies From Hell

Huge post-rock with piano playing the focal point in-between some huge riffs and intricate guitar parts that transport you off to a different world.


  1. The Man At The Window by Go! Save The Hostages!

Expansive and explorative this gem of post-rock chills you out and begs you to explore happier and serine thoughts. There’s a couple of crescendos in there too.


  1. Silhouette by Benjamin Defer

Coming from the front man of Fall of Messiah (see the Cerebral Sabotage compilation) this strips out all the riffs and allows the atmospherics to come to the fore.


  1. Nemea by Howenh

Epic post-rock at it’s finest. Spanning 14 minutes this track explores the more ambient side of the post-rock spectrum, in this case less is more.


  1. Monolith by Only Echoes Remain

Recorded live in London, this is the first time a download of the track has been available. OER take a more progressive approach to post-rock adding in elements of prog rock and math rock.


  1. Al Final Todo Fue by Antier

The post-rock-progressive-spoken word duo from Barcelona pull out a stormer of a track here. There’s some lovely guitar parts that revel in intricacies complimenting the more traditional riffs.


  1. Acer by A-Tota-So

An exclusive for Alt Dialogue, lifted from the band’s forthcoming debut album, get an insight of the great things to come from A-tota-so.


  1. Aozora – Jean Jean

Big French post-rock doing exciting things with guitars. Lifted from their album, Froidepierre, released earlier in the year the perfect introduction to the band if you’ve somehow missed out to date.


  1. The Infinite Bright by Kusanagi

Driving post-rock from the Liverpool lads. There’s underlying tones of math rock as the rhythm section shift and morph behind the intricate guitar work.


  1. I Was A Fucking Jet Engine by Lost In The Riots

The astounding new track from one of our favourite bands. This marks a shift towards heavier guitars yet it’s still as expansive and emotive as ever.


  1. Ink of Scholars|Blood of Tigris by Poly-Math

2018 saw Poly-Math becoming even more adventurous and progressive. Bridging the gap between post-rock and math rock and exploring prog rock and heavy riffs, this is one the best tracks from their latest album House of Wisdom|We Are The Devil.


  1. When The Nightmares Leave Us all Inoperational by Verse Metrics

The latest single from Verse Metrics and a masterclass on how to take an alt rock template and make it completely unique with a math rock twist.


  1. The Occident by Town Portal

Danish math rock with tones of post-rock. There’s all the intricate guitars you could want, marry that with the explorative atmospherics and you’re onto a winner.


  1. Neighsayer by You Break You Buy

An insatiable slice of poppy math rock. You can’t help but smile and fall in love. It’s a song for the summer. A song to make you happy.


  1. Plump by Bearded Youth Quest

New BYQ! You most likely haven’t heard this before and we’re pretty sure this is the first time the song is public. Even if it’s not, it’s essential listening. Superb.


  1. Kill Saatchi by Death and The Penguin

Another gem from Lonely Voyage Records, this band are going to be the sound of your summer. Taken from their debut album (due on the 27th July), get ready to hear your new favourite band.


  1. Cemetery School by Space Blood

It doesn’t get much mathier than Space Blood. The band are playing their final UK shows this summer and they’ve left us with this great gem.


  1. Her Tiny Self All But Swallowed Up in Horseshit by Iran Iran

How can you not love Iran Iran? Driving and hypnotic math rock that begs you dance. Play it loud.


  1. 12 Minute Kebab by Quadrilles

We absolutely adore Quadrilles and there was no way we couldn’t include this track. Taken from their superb 2017 album Amuse Bouche this is poppy math rock at its finest.


  1. Danger First by Esuna

Grungy math rock with some lovely riffs and driving bass. The flurries towards post-rock add serine moments to complement the heavier guitar work.


  1. Horses by Wild Cat Strike

Awash in post-rock intensity and emotion WCS offer a more accessible route into the genre marrying it with elements of indie rock and shoegaze.


  1. Jag har förlåtit allt by Trachimbod
    Explorative and hypnotic, this previously unreleased track from the Swedish quintet sees the band moving away from Screamo to a post/math rock hybrid.


  1. The Downpour by Exploring Birdsong

We finish on some piano based post-rock. Beautiful, heart-breaking and cathartic.



Cognitive Misbehaviour

  1. Lady Luck by 13 Crowes

We start things off with some driving alt rock. There’s an undercurrent of American punk rock in there but also tones of the Boss.


  1. Piss Artist by Careering

Straight up alt rock with a nod to the late 00s indie rock movement. There’s plenty of attitude behind the accessible façade.


  1. Turned to Ash by Black Palms

Absolutely huge track from Black Palms here. Full of passion and blistering riffs it makes you want to stand up and throw your arms in the air.


  1. My Party, My Rules by Emp!re

We’ll put it out there now… 2018 is the year when Emp!re are going to become huge. It doesn’t get much better than their brand of anthemic rock.


  1. Ricochet by NEWT

Let us introduce you to NEWT. From Belfast, Northern Ireland, this is how you do a catchy rock song. They’ve taken a leaf from the book of Fighting With Wire and added their own twist.


  1. Get Better by Screeching Bats

Big impassioned alt rock is the order of the day here. Hearts are worn on sleeves and it’s hard not to relate.


  1. Headache by Fight For Friday

We can’t get enough of the intro! The guitars sound lovely in this endearing emo laced track. Before you know it, you’re nodding along.


  1. Until The Light Takes Us by Heart Ovt

Triumphant and driving alt rock with smatterings of emo and pop punk. It begs you to sing along and fall in love.


  1. Snake Eyes by You Know The Drill

We go full emo with this one. You know the current trend of marrying emo with pop punk? Here it is, done with aplomb.


  1. Your Laughter Never Leaves by Layover

Going for a more traditional emo sound here. The Birmingham quartet do it well and you can’t help but think there’s great thing to come from the band.


  1. Give by Maypine

Take that emo sound and add some alt rock layers. Cultured emo, if you can get onboard with that?


  1. I’ll Be Gone by Lazybones

A B-side from their latest single, Lazy bones bring something unique to the alt rock table… there’s no guitar – just organ, bass and drums.


  1. Falling by We Came From Wolves

They featured on our first compilation and we had to have them back. Scotland excels in anthemic alt rock and WCFW are a formidable string to the country’s bow. A fitting track.


  1. Seasons by Cold Years

Americanised punk rock is the order of the day here. Think a British version of The Gaslight Anthem and you’ve, pretty much, hit the nail on the head.


  1. Get Back by Eva Plays Dead

We’re going into hard rock territory with this one. Full of fiery attitude and big riffs it’s nigh on impossible to stop yourself headbanging along.


  1. Silence by For The Better

Last track not heavy enough for you? Let us solve that for you. It’s got some metalcore moments but ends up being more post hardcore than anything else. Imagine Funeral For A Friend with their contrasting sides stretched out.


  1. Adverse by In Silence We Crave

Hard rock but more than a hint of grunge thrown into the mix. Think early Silverchair with Soundgarden and Alice In Chains thrown into the mixer.


  1. Hick Mucknall by Rad Pitt

What starts off a slow burner, the track builds and explodes into a barrage of riffs and screams. Lifted from their 2017 album Pink, if you haven’t got acquainted with the band, do it now.


  1. Essex 1820 by Dearist

Taken from this year’s album Sonder, Dearist are one the UK’s most exciting rock bands. Taking a grungey sound and filtering it through post-hardcore and a DIY punk attitude it’s an invigorating listen.


  1. Pryic Salamander by Don’t Worry

They’ve just released their debut album, but this is a non-album track. Showing a grungier side to the band a perfect accompaniment to their more accessible album material.


  1. Umbilical by Muskets

Taken from their 2017 album Chew, this is the go-to track for the band. Big anthemic rock that connects with the listener and begs you to shout/sing along.


  1. Comedy of Errors by The Stayawakes

A non-album track from the pop rock act. It didn’t make it onto Dogs and Cats / Living Together released earlier in the month, but if you ask it’d sit perfectly on there.


  1. OKA by Catalan

Recent single from the former Axis Of man Ewan Friers. Accessible punk rock with hints of The Clash at the heart of its ingenuity.


  1. Best Years by Astpai

Need some Austrian punk in your life? Look no further than Astpai!


  1. This Is Everything by Last Wild Lion

Emotional and forthright, a fitting end.

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