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News: Alt Dialogue Compilation Volume 2

If you’ve managed to miss the murmurs about our latest compilation on social media, let us tell you now….

Alt Dialogue’s second compilation is out on Saturday (30th June)

As before all proceeds will be going to charity and this time we’ll be donating to Mental Health UK. You can read a bit more about the charity here.

To summarise, they do great work across the UK (combining individual charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Here’s what they’ve achieved at a glance last year:

  • In Wales, Hafal directly supported 5000 people with mental illness and 1000 carers over the year across 70+ services. Hafal partner with local services such as ‘Cyfle Cymru’ which supported over 3000 people who were out of work and suffer with mental health or substance misuse to find employment.
  • In Northern Ireland, MindWise supported 6000 adults living with a mental illness including 3,500 through the criminal justice systems, 125 linked in project for young people and 1370 through advocacy services.
  • In Scotland, Support in Mind Scotland provided over 50,000 hours of support to individuals and ran 17 services to support 1300 people with mental illness.
  • In England, Rethink Mental Illness is the largest voluntary sector provider of mental health services with over 200 services and 150 support groups. From psychological therapies and Crisis and Recovery Houses to peer support groups and housing services, Rethink Mental Illness directly help thousands of people every year across England.

So onto the compilation…

This one is going to be a little more ambitious yet more focused. Rather than giving you 30 plus tracks of different genres we’re going to split in 3. Yep, 3 times the amount of music. This time though it’s focused and related to each other. There’s something for every Alt Dialogue reader, but you can pick your compilation and get more of what you want.

There’s some unreleased tracks, some exclusives and some rarities amongst your favourites. We’ll release the track list tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the three compilations, artwork and what to expect.


Cerebral Sabotage

This is where you’ll find the big slabs of metal, hardcore and noise rock. There’s all the aggressive riffs, feedback and screams you could ever need. At it’s harshest there’s some black metal and at the most accessible point there’s some very hard rock. Turn it up loud!


Mental Arithmetic

Probably our favourite of the three. This is all post-rock and math rock (and some that mix the two). There’s some beautiful ambient soundscapes to complement the soaring riffs that feed off the shifting time signatures that blossom against the crescendos and then there’s the progressive and intricate guitars. There’s some tracks you’ve never heard before hear and loads to get excited about


Cognitive Misbehaviour

This is the accessible compilation. Full of immediate and instantaneous riffs and hooks you’ll fall in love with. It takes you on a journey through alt rock from straight-up rock to hard rock, to emo, to post-hardcore to punk. There’s a couple of modern favourites in here and some real gems.


All three will be available on bandcamp on Saturday priced at £5 (or pay more). Please remember that unless you’re a huge company/label bandcamp and paypal love to take their cut. Where we can we’ll make it up but please give generously.

Stay tuned.




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