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EP Review: True Love by Fang Club

Irish rock act Fangclub release their new EP True Love on29th June via Vertigo Records. Speaking honestly about the music and its lyrical content, enigmatic frontman Steven King said this of the EP, “‘True Love’ is a collage of an intense year that almost ended the band. Last year I became infatuated with the idea of True Love.  But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions & habits.  Anything can be your “One True Love” if you let it. Love can be painful. True Love can cut deep like a Knife. “Knife” was my skewed idea of an obsessed love (at the time). It’s the introduction to the EP’s theme.   Am I using you or are you using me? I don’t care, I need you.  Keep me alive, kill me, keep me warm, make me cold, make me happy, make me sick, wake me up & make me sleep. I don’t mind being chained to you under the blanket of True Love. “I’ll be anyone, I’ll be anything, swear I’ll behave……Twist the knife”

As the EP opener ‘Knife’ sets the tone perfectly, riotous and full of grunge pop ingenuity it has the feel of an accomplished track by a band at the very top of their game. Essentially, that sums up the EP – this is Fangclub at their best, this is the record to win over any doubters, this is the EP that sets them out from the crowd.

‘Heart Is A Landmine’ is more of a slow burner, with a nineties pop rock swagger that sounds akin to Garbage at their most infectious before ‘Smother’ channels the urgent punk of The Hives against a grunge pop backdrop. It’s a track that seems simple but it is executed perfectly.

‘Sweater Forever’ borrows a page from the Pixies’ textbook before turning into a Weezer-esque slab of infectious pop rock. ‘High’ closes things as the most unique track on the EP but also as one of the best, more of their infectiously delicious grunge pop.


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