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EP Review: Tales From the Travelling T-shirt Salesman by Holy Pinto

Holy Pinto release their new EP Tales From the Travelling T-shirt Salesman on 22nd June. Led by singer-songwriter Ayem Saleh, the band became more of a solo endeavour since the 2016 debut Congratulations and Saleh relocated from the UK to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As such this has a more American feel and while it feels more focused and tight there’s also been a shift from pop rock to pop. While that may not be a bad thing, you’ve got to back up the shift with high quality songs, unfortunately this all feels a little bland.

Holy Pinto have gone from being early Weezer-esque to a Semisonic borefest. There aren’t any standout tracks, all five could be attributed to a myriad of plodding pop artists. If there’s one saving grace it’s the groove of ‘Bitter Enemies’, unfortunately it’s been done before and done better (see Two Door Cinema Club). The other four? You’ll have forgotten them within 2 minutes of the EP ending.

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