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Playlist: Odd Palace’s influences

Odd Palace recently released their new album Things To Place On The Moon and to celebrate we asked them to do a playlist on their influences. Here goes…

Gert Børsting, lead singer at Odd Palace here.

I can tell I’m a bit of a nostalgic when choosing the songs for this list. But these particular songs have accumulated within me through the years and made a serious musical impact. They’ve really shaped the way i see, feel and write music and are therefore a geniune inspiration for me personally and for the Odd Palace sound as well.

So if we have to put a theme to it, I’d say it could just be album influences as you suggested, all time favourites or something like that. So with that said, here goes!


Artist: The Mars Volta

Album: The Bedlam in Goliath

Track: Goliath

First of all, The Mars Volta have always been a huge influence on us as a band. The way they were able to blend their chaotic and immensely progressive energy and sound with super expressive, yet catchy vocals is to this day a huge inspiration for me personally.

This song in particular is in my opinion a very brilliant mix of the above, which seems to catch the balance between really proggressive instrumentation and accessible vocals and melodies perfectly. And the guitar works of Omar Rodríguez-López never ceases to amaze me. There’s just always a new note to hear in his playing upon listening again and again. This never gets old for me.


Artist: Closure In Moscow

Album: First Temple

Track: A Night at the Spleen

This entire record is a genuine masterpiece, in my humble opinion.

This particular song is my personal favourite from that record, first of all because it simply puts a huge smile on my face every time I listen to it. It’s really a masterclass in how to put together amazing instrumental skills, soaring guitar parts and ear clinging vocal melodies into a constantly evolving and buzzing progressive track. This gets me on the dancefloor everytime without exception!


Artist: Radiohead

Album: OK Computer

Track: Paranoid Android

This one has a very special place in my heart. The way this track evolves and changes rhytmically and dynamically has always been a true inspiration for me. From the more fragile and vulnerable parts, beautifully carried by the acoustic guitar and ever so original voice and lyrics of Thom Yorke, to the heavier and more groovy distorted guitar parts, it never seems to let go of my hand as a listener. A song like this is something I’ve always wanted to be able to write myself. So it’s really acting as a beacon of musical integrity and diversity I truly seek in writing music myself.


Artist: Karnivool

Album: Sound Awake

Track: Deadman

Speaking of albums with impact, Sound Awake is from start to finish a brilliantly executed piece of art. There’s so many things, bits and pieces to this particular song that would take me forever to explain the brilliance of. The way they make it all blend together is pure genius, adding to the song for every new part, while keeping a beautifully balanced thread of consistency throughout all twelve minutes of the song. Beautiful, heavy and sprinkled with angelic guitar parts and vocal passages.


Artist: Thank You Scientist

Album: Stranger Heads Prevail

Track: Mr. Invisible

Such amazing grooves, brass arrangements and bass work overflows this brilliant track, as it all is being brought together by a beautiful and catchy vocal. There’s an excessive amount of musical genius packed into this track, which seems to effortlessly tie a lot of genres together in a very pleasing mix. I’m such a fan of these guys!


Artist: Twelve Foot Ninja

Album: Outlier

Track: One Hand Killing

These guys are really, really good at what they do. The way they mix their heavy djenty breakdowns and grooves with funky, salsa-ish parts just amazes me. It’s really an inspiration to hear how you can rethink and renew already established genres in such a brilliant way.

And it’s really worth mentioning their sense of humor in everything they do. From their videos to their social media prescence – these guys are funny as shit. Gets me everytime!


Artist: Agent Fresco

Album: Destrier

Track: The Autumn Red

This song is so brilliantly put together. They way the song effortlessly progresses through grooves, tempi and dynamics is so very inspiring. Agent Fresco has really found a sound and a way to include the most beautiful and emotional vocals and melodies, super progressive grooves and time signature changes and amazing musicianship in their songs. And then there’s the live part. If you ever get the chance, you should go see these guys!


Artist: Bent Knee

Album: Shiny Eyed Babies

Track: Being Human

This song is so beautifully weird, progressive and just.. amazing.

There’s something in this that just moves me in a way a lot of music just can’t. They’ve really captured a state of emotion in this, which is being communicated so clearly through all of the elements in the track. And the lyrics in this is really inspirational for me personally. It’s so dark, beautiful and honest. “Did she just say that?” was my first thought listening to this. I really respect everything Bent Knee does, and they deserve infinite amounts of recognition for being so brilliantly original and good.


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