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EP Review: I by LUCA / Last Universal Common Ancestor

Canadian post-rock act LUCA / Last Universal Common Ancestor released their lastest EP I in March, and while as a rule of thumb we like to keep our reviews a little more current, this isn’t one you want to miss out on.

As the band themselves say, “We decided early on that this project would be designed to benefit mental health awareness and research, as each track is a direct translation of our own personal battles. Our hope is to build a greater consciousness of these issues through connection and understanding via sound. All sales and streaming proceeds from this EP will be donated to CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and CMHA National.”

A worthy cause I think you’ll agree.

The EP succeeds in the goal of connecting with the listener. A wonderful slab of atmospheric post-rock that allows you to revel in and get lost in the soaring guitars and emotive ether. Opener ‘For Years’ is a majestic, explorative track but it’s in ‘The Good & Honest’ that you really begin to feel the connection. As emotive as post-rock can be, the crescendos and quieter parts do their job perfectly creating a soundscape that is fully encapsulating.

‘November’ takes a more ambient and drawn approach with different fragile and detailed nuances coming to the fore with every listen. The title track takes that minimal approach and provides something even more ambient until the track rises in triumphant soaring guitars around the three-minute mark. ‘Spiral Arms’ is an excellent closer that marks this out as an essential listen. Stream it below and donate.

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