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Premier: The Voms – ‘Left Right’

We’re very proud to bring you an exclusive premier of the new video/single from The Voms, “Left Right”, lifted from their album I Want My Rock Stars Dead (released October 2015).

Blending noise-pop, experimental punk beats, and alternative-indie rock into a truly one of a kind sound.

The Voms are gearing up to record new material, with hopes for a new EP to be released before end of the year.

“I wanted to do a video where my dog takes matters into his own hands and kills me for not sharing my food with him. In real life, he’s an adoring little street pup we got from Texas, and he is VERY serious about his food. He was only a few months old when the rescue organization found him, sleeping on an abandoned sofa in a back alley. And he still loves to snatch a bit of street trash any chance he gets when he can pull away from us on his leash in the Brooklyn streets. It’s often chicken-bones galore here on the street for some reason. It rains chewed-up chicken bones some nights. So it was perfect because it’s basically a little ‘two-act’ story: in the first act – human won’t share with doggie; in the second act – doggie plots and carries out his sweet, sweet revenge. And “Left Right” has that ‘two-act’ format where it’s basically a nice, short, driving ‘verse-chorus’ song, repeated once.” (Beau Harris, The Voms)

The Voms’ bare bones, no bullshit, rhythm driven tunes will pick up your fat feet and have you smashing the place to smithereens in no time.

Raised on a steady diet of rock-and-fucking-roll, The Voms’ front man, Beau Harris, had the songs for a debut album living in his mind for years, ping-ponging back and forth between instruments, cassettes, laptops, scraps of paper and back again. Finally deciding to do what needed doing, he recorded the album, I Want My Rock Stars Dead in a fortnight on a farm in Australia, and moved to New York City to release it and put it up live on stage. The album has been described as “late ‘60s punk that isn’t afraid to experiment… their music is fun and unpretentious…” (Matt Jensen, Divide And Conquer)

The Voms’ act includes four like-minded beings who drive the music hard and fast with an irreverent, shared desire to destroy the stage. Since the band’s formation in 2016, its incarnations have played several raucous and aggressive shows at New York venues such as Cake Shop, The Bowery Electric, Fat Baby, and The Well.

Contagious, undecorated, angular riffs paired with pop-around-the-clock hooks; honest and brief songs; potent and to the point. They aim to get deep in your ears and stay there.

So giddy up, y’all. Involve yourself.

The Voms are: Beau Harris, Alex Eggerking, Steve Lillegard, Lisa Lowenstein


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