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News: Catalan announce ‘Coaster’ all day festival

CATALAN Presents
New Pagans
Joshua Burnside
Brash Isaac
Thrash Hat
Beauty Sleep
Thin Air Djs and more
An all day DIY festival across two venues celebrating local music in sunny Portrush, the North Coast’s historic stronghold for live music and legendary shows. The CATALAN project has it’s roots in the area and the idea of Coaster is to bring exciting local acts and bands from around the country together for an event that showcases this positive creative community in such a vibrant and beautiful area. An outdoor stage at the modern hip coffee shop Babushka will kick start the day (good weather 100%, categorically, irrefutably guaranteed) followed by an evening show in the classic North Coast hang out The Atlantic Bar. Lacada Brewing Cooperative will be providing beer and hosting a tasting event and Surfers Against Sewage will be there, along with various other activists, promoting important positive work. Inspired by classic local grassroots festivals of old like Glasgowbury, Tweedfest, Forfey Coaster is set to be one of the most exciting events to hit the area this year.
Tickets onside now for £11 (includes booking fee)

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