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EP Review: GroundCulture by GroundCulture

Newcastle quintet GroundCulture release their debut, self-titled, EP on 1st June. Speaking of the band vocalist Roy Watson says, “We are five segments of the same vision. We are one culture cursed by a disconnect inside the fabrics of our conscious mind. We are the backs against the wall, determined to inspire change through connection.”

It’s difficult to determine from the EP if GroundCulture are one of the more exciting new bands to emerge from the UK in recent years or if they’re going to blend into the crowd. It’s enough to get a flavour of the band but it doesn’t quite manage to set them out from the throng.

It is an EP with potential. The crushing riffs blended with an immediate hook and big chorus are the highlights of lead singles ‘Confessions’ and ‘Sculptures’ but it doesn’t set the world alight. It all seems a little too easy and familiar. Opener ‘Derailed’ is decent but falls into the trap of sounding like a hundred other bands while ‘Narrative’ seems over reliant on a nu-metal aesthetic while having the dislikability of Don Broco. Closer ‘Compassion’ is the band’s attempt at a big epic emotional number but manages to be devoid of any feeling.

There’s potential here though, GroundCulture could come good.

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