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EP Review: Who Cares by Tigress

Essex rock act Tigress release their third EP Who Cares on 1st June via LAB Records. The quintet composed of Katy Jackson, Sean Bishop, Tom Harrison, Jack Divey and Josh Coombes – recorded the EP in South Devon with Peter Miles (Lonely The Brave, Canterbury, We Are The Ocean) at Middle Farm Studios and had it mixed and mastered by Blake Eiseman (Justin Bieber and P!nk).

That introduction should probably give you a good indication on how it sounds. As you’ve probably guessed it’s big accessible rock music, there’s attitude but with heavy weighting towards being as radio friendly as possible. This is the perfect music for your average 14-year-old Kerrang! reader. It’s unchallenging, bland and straight out of the identikit box of mildly popular UK rock bands.

Opening track ‘Paranoid’ hints that their might be some talent behind the band if they weren’t aiming to make dumb accessible music. Lead single ‘Bring Me Down’ is so bland that even after 3 listens I can’t remember anything about it. ‘Over Your Love’ redeems itself, slightly, by channelling the accessibility of early No Doubt in vocal style but is completely unremarkable otherwise. ‘Hangman’ is a substandard pop rock track and closer ‘The Cycle’ does the admirable job of being the most boring track on a bland and beige EP.


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