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Album Review: Laughing Into The Void by Tiny Stills

LA Power pop band Tiny Stills release their new album Laughing Into The Void on 1st June. It is a delightfully easy album to enjoy. Don’t take it to seriously, it isn’t here to challenge you, sit back and enjoy the spikey guitars.

One of the highlights of Tiny Stills is the songwriting skills of frontwoman and lead singer Kailynn West. The witty and often biting lyrics are a clever juxtaposition to the upbeat and playful power pop sound that the band’s music presents.

While the power pop whimsy of the music won’t appeal to all, it’s inoffensive enough to allow you to enjoy, give a bit of focus to the lyrics and let that wry smile spread across your face. Check out the Everclear toned ‘Let’s Fall In Love’ for the most instantaneous and immediate moment. It’s a track of real talent and shines bright as being a class above the other tracks.

That said, ‘When I’m With You’ and ‘La La’ are excellent tracks and you’d have to be a real misery guts not to enjoy the vast majority.

AD Rating 6.5/10


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