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Album Review: Youth Club by Sharp Shock

Power-punk trip Sharp Shock release their second album Youth Club on 25th May via Heart & Skull. Singer/guitarist Davey Warsop (Beat Union, Suedehead) and bassist/vocalist Dan Smith (The Dear & Departed; world-renowned tattoo artist) are both UK exports but didn’t cross paths until they were both transplanted to California. Jared Shavelson (The Hope Conspiracy, Paint It Black), a jazz-trained drummer hailing from Jersey, would end up completing this trio. Despite their dissimilar geographical beginnings, they quickly realized they were all very much from the same place.

Sharp/Shock are exactly what you would expect from musicians who were born and bred on The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers, and subculture staples. The album is the sound of a trio finding their footing; their forthcoming sophomore album is a flex of their now-seasoned partnership. With Warsop stepping in as producer (who has previously served behind the board for Green Day, Foo Fighters, Bad Religion, and more), Sharp Shock’s sound is more streamlined than ever.

Whilst it has the sound of a band having found their place in the punk genre and in doing so perfecting their sound, it’s not particularly original. While its immediate and easy to listen to it’s hard to get past the feeling that you’ve heard this a hundred times before. There’s nothing original happening here and it could be a tribute to a myriad of middle of the road punk bands. It’s pretty damning when a 12-track album struggles to fill 20-minutes.

‘Bad Lad’ and ‘Nuclear Family’ are the best tracks here, the sub 1-minute tracks can pretty much disregarded and the rest are dull. That said it’s not a bad album, it’s perfectly pleasant to listen to and it doesn’t require any effort.

AD Rating 5/10

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