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EP Review: Take Me Back To The Light by Pushing Daisies

Bristol emo rock quartet Pushing Daisies release their new EP Take Me Back To The Light on 11th May. Speaking on the new record, vocalist Bert Martinez-Cowles said “Take Me Back To The Light has been in the works for a long time. Over the past 2 years, we’ve all been through a lot of tough times, had our issues and grievances, members of our families have passed and we’ve had our own struggles with mental health. Being able to sculpt all of these into songs has been our release from negativity within ourselves.

“We’ve never publicly spoken about these issues but being able to see such a positive response to ‘Picture Frame’ shows that what we are singing about is real and relatable and everyone has their own battles to overcome.”

After previously releasing material through Homebird Records, the band are flying solo this time around and the freedom has done them the world of good. There’s a pained post hardcore sound to Pushing Daisies with a touch of American hardcore thrown into the mix. Opener ‘Fears’ kicks things off in style, in boarders on the anthemic and begs you to sing along before ‘Bleed’ sees the band knocking it out the park with big riffs, a driving bassline and bundles of passion.

From that high point, Take Me Back To The Light goes from strength to strength with ‘Picture Frame’ and ‘Crickets’ coming in as two of the best tracks on the EP. The former is especially strong as it tugs on the heartstrings. ‘Night Masquerade’ has more of an American feel, channelling the post hardcore of our trans-atlantic cousins before closer ‘Luxury’ shows Pushing Daisies at their very best.

This is a band with the world at their feet.

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