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Playlist: Kavox on the tracks that influenced their new single ‘Cobalt’

Leeds alt rock/metal band Kovax are due to release their new single ‘Cobalt’ on 7th May. Whilst you’ll have to wait a few more days to hear the track, why not get aquainted with the tracks that influenced the single.


Deftones – Hexagram

Choppy riffs and Chino’s unsettlingly raw vocals are intertwined with melodic, chord-based sections and this duality also underpins the first half of Cobalt.


Falls – Get Well Soon

Falls (RIP) have been firm favourites of ours for a good few years and their combination of tight groovy riffs and pop influenced vocal harmonies makes their brand of heavy incredibly catchy.


Incubus – Redefine

The confident, understated groove of Jose Pasillas’ drumming compliments Mike Einziger’s frantic riffing and we wanted Cobalt to have a similar alt-metal swagger.


Glassjaw – Tip Your Bartender

Deceptively simple musically and gloriously off-kilter vocally, Cobalt relishes in the kind of chaos Daryl and co have mastered so eloquently.


Pulled Apart By Horses – High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive

An angry sea of tempo changes, tonal shifts and glorious riffs – this track is a masterclass in weaving diverse elements together to make a unified whole.


Marmozets – Good Days

Zet’s intelligent riffing and stadium rousing choruses inspired the injections of math rock in Cobalt’s closing sections.


Reuben – We’re All Going In An Ambulance

The ultimate trio for combining candid lyrics, discordant riffs and vocals that could raise an army of the dead – one of our all times favourites.


Arcane Roots – Habibity

Bracey’s lead guitar parts are particularly inspired by the frantic energy of Arcane Roots and Habibity sees them at their erratic and melodic best.


Every Time I Die – Decayin’ With The Boys

Keith’s braggadocious vocal style and the band’s intricate riff work continue to set the bar for the delivery of modern alternative metal.


Kill Chaos – Got A New Drug

Having played with Kill Chaos (RIP) in a previous band and seen them at 2000 Trees, Joe, Pete and Joel have been fans of the band for a long time and their huge bass tones and vocal harmonies remain some of the best to come out of British rock in the past decade.


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