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EP Review: Oh, The Joy by Gravves

North Wales punk/alt rock trio Gravves release their new EP Oh, The Joy on 27th April via Loner Noise Records. “We’re super excited for people to finally hear the new songs we’ve been working on.” said bassist Adam Hughes. “The EP took us a bit longer than it should of to finish, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are now just looking ahead to losing our voices and breaking our bodies on the road.”

Riotous, hook laden punk rock is the order of the day here. It’s immediate and infectious, however, curiously it’s pretty forgettable.

The opening three tracks, while decent, don’t leave much of lasting impression. Opener and lead single ‘Power Bomb Baby’ is the best while ‘Monster Truck’ is standard fast alt rock and ‘This is Bliss’ is middle of the road indie rock.

‘Sinister Surfer’ sticks out as being head and shoulders above everything else. It’s post-punk leanings drive the track through its groove and creates a genuine excitement, “It’s definitely cathartic,” explains guitarist David Thomas, who takes on vocal duties. “It’s about some people I came across who were, to put it lightly, not the most empathetic. It’s a pretty angry song, and they gave me good cause to be angry.”

‘Hello Sailor’ is unimaginative garage rock/punk fusing the blandest elements of The Hives with The White Stripes before ‘L Is For Loser’ redeems proceedings with an injection of heaviness and attitude.

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