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EP Review: Spun by The Hyena Kill

Manchester duo The Hyena Kill release their new EP, Spun on 23rd April via APF Records.Formed after guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb met drummer Lorna Blundell at a house party in 2012, and the two instantly clicked over a mutual love of bands such as Tool and Deftones, subsequently arranging a jamming session a few days later.

2016 saw the release of debut album Atomised, an album that marked out the Manchester duo as one of the most vital and uncompromising acts to emerge from the UK’s underground rock community in years. Spun takes that template and shifts towards a more aggressive and full-throttled sound.

We wanted to make a record that was a brutally honest representation of our music, and us as people. Our debut album ‘Atomised’ was a benchmark for us but for this record we really got into the crafting and feel of the songs” – Steven Dobb, guitar & vocals.

It’s a formidable and eye-catching EP. If you weren’t sold on The Hyena Kill, this will do the job. Opener ‘Exit Mask’ is a frantic, uncompromising riot of big riffs. There’s touches of old Deftones thrown into the mix while the explosive energy of the track makes you want to listen on repeat. ‘Panic Womb’ ramps up the speed for a fevered 1-minute 22-seconds before ‘Ribbons’ shows real hard rock acumen. The bluesy swagger lurks just under the surface driving the track through blasts of huge riffs and visceral energy.

‘Pound of Flesh’ is a storming, triumphant hard rock number that begs you to headbang along to before ‘Dare to Swim’ revels in its expansiveness. It stretches the band’s hard rock to the very limits coming in as an atmospheric opus. Closer ‘Cells’ reverts to the brooding hard rock, rounding off the EP in style. Get on this as soon as possible, The Hyena Kill are on the cusp of getting huge.

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