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Album Review: Grit by No Fun At All

Swedish punk rock band No Fun At All release their new album, Grit on 13th April via Bird Attack Records. Having formed in 1991, No Fun At All quickly became one of the torchbearers of European punk rock. Following the release of 1994’s No Straight Angels, the band found themselves headlining stages all over the world. Through until 2001, they continued to tour all over the world in support of 1995’s Out Of Bounds, 1997’s The Big Knockover and 2000’s State Of Flow records, before calling it a day on the band.

After a show offer in the Spring of 2004, the band found that enjoyment and love again for playing live that had been lost whilst relentlessly touring throughout the 90s. With rekindled enthusiasm, No Fun At All committed themselves to a light touring schedule over the years between 2004 and 2017, including supporting the 2009 release, Lowrider, that the band self-released through Beat ’em Down Records.

2016 saw a lineup shuffle, with two long-time members of the band deciding to take a step back. Following a band meeting in a Vienna restaurant, they decided that it was the time to step it up once again. They recruited Stefan Bratt, formerly of Atlas Losing Grip, and Fredrik Eriksson, formerly of Twopointeight to fill the empty bassist and guitarist position.

With that considered you’d expect this to be a fresh and invigorating release. It’s certainly full of punk rock energy, but you can’t say its fresh. While you’ll get a pleasant 30 minutes from Grit, you won’t experience anything new. It’s nothing more than inoffensive, bland punk rock with a 90s feeling. If this was released around the turn of the century it would be more fitting, rather this feels like a poor Bad Religion album.

If 90’s / early 2000s punk rock is your thing then you’ll love this. Otherwise, it ends up sounding dated and tired.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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  1. Are you fucking drunk! 😛


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