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Playlist: Feed Them To The Forest – Let’s Get This Pawty Started

Alt Punks Feed Them To The Forest have just released their new video for ‘Lie With The Dogs’ (with new EP to follow in May), and to celebrate they’ve curated this excellent playlist…

‘Lie With The Dogs’

Playlist: Let’s Get This Pawty Started

1.The Lovecats – The Cure (Lee)

One of the best basslines ever commited to tape, and one of my favouritesongs. I saw The Cure play a three and a half hour set last year…they didn’t play it.

2.Eagles Become Vultures – Converge (Greg)

It’s just pure energy and raw aggression – Ben Koller is my favourite drummer.

3.The Hound (of Blood and Rank) – Coheed and Cambria (Martin)

Fantastic guitar work and a solo with all the hooks that I have come to expect from Coheed.

4.Cardinals – The Wonder Years (Elliot)

This song absolutely kills it. The music just doesn’t let up and Dan’s vocal delivery is super intense throughout.

5.Woodpecker from Mars – Faith No More (Greg)

I grew up listening to Faith No More. Mesmerising originality. Mike Patton is king.

6.Crab – Weezer (Lee)

Pincers mate, awesome beast.

7.When Doves Cry – Prince (Elliot)

Come on, everything about this track is iconic. Absolute jam from start to finish.

8.Wolves at Night – Manchester Orchestra (Mike)

The first track off one of the greatest albums of all time.

9.Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf (Martin)

Blew my mind when my dad played it in his car – they use guitars to make motorbike noises!

10.Ticks and Leeches – Tool (Greg)

One of my favourite bands, incredible song writing and Danny Carey is incredible.

11.Blood, Bunny, Larkall – Reuben (Lee)

This was released whilst I was on an accidental gap year, stocking toilet roll 6 days a week, and recently single – I was totally definitely fine with. As you might imagine, this song was one of the only high points of that year.

12.Death Wolf – Taking Back Sunday (Elliot)

To me, this is a perfect punk rock ‘n’ roll song. Fuzzed out guitars, pounding drums and snarled vocals – what a way to kick off a new album.

13.Young Cardinals – Alexisonfire (Martin)

Such an intense song with a HUGE hook for the chorus.

14.Snake Charmer – Rage Against The Machine (Greg)

Funk, Grooves, and Riffs. The best.

15.Plea from a Cat Named Virtue – The Weakerthans (Mike)

It’s sung from the perspective of a cat – what more can I say?

16.She Wolf – Shakira (Elliot)

Two words – Shakira, Shakira!

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