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Playlist: Coldbones – tour listening

With post-rock act Coldbones out touring their new album Where It All Began we caught up with the band to find out what they listen to. This one takes a bit of a different format and you’ll find the Spotify playlist at the end.

Over to the band…

I suppose before we crack on explaining our choices we should give a couple of honouree mentions to some of the tour playlists that get us laughing, singing and buzzing on our travels and before shows.

‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis. Yes, we’re that band who can’t get enough of those some bangers!

‘Love Metal’ by HIM. Listening to a man sing about love with that sweet baritone voice, I mean what’s not to like!?

‘Silverside Up’ by Nickelback. Sometimes you just need a laugh on those long drives!

Anyway the songs we’ve picked play just a small part in influencing us to write and record our debut album ‘Where It All Began’.

Drift – Tides of Man
Vetus Memoria – God Is An Astronaut
Forever Lost – God Is An Astronaut
Closer – Kings of Leon
Skydiver – Moonlit Sailor
Asa/Vorel – Russian Circles
Glosoli – Sigur Ros
Rats of the capital – Mogwai
Mladek – Russian Circles
Arcs of Command – Caspian

We’re not a band that just listens to post rock music. In fact we probably listen to bands like Foo Fighters, Code Orange and Manic Street Preachers a lot more. But there’s something special about a song evoking introspection without the influence of lyrics and words.

Take ‘Mladek’ by Russian Circles as a prime example of the track providing us with multiple emotions throughout it’s 7 and a half minutes duration.

What we love about this particular track (and this band in general) is how each member plays a solid part in the progression of the song.

It starts with guitar, filled out with bass and carried by the introduction of a creative drum part with a variety of rolls, fills and cymbals hit at different velocities.

Towards the end of the track the whole vibe changes. The song turns dark and gets even heavier yet it somehow brings back the opening guitar melody and it somehow works – genius!

‘Vetus Memoria’ by God is an Astronaut really influenced our decision in putting some riffs out of nowhere on this album. They’re a band we look up to and have done for a few years. Constantly experimenting with sounds and pulling off the perfect mix of ambience, electronics and heavy riffs.

‘Closer’ by King of Leon has some really nice production. The roomy drum sounds after the guitar/synth introduction makes the song sound huge but also leaving an expansive space for other members to fill – which they do. The way the guitars are introduced (that kind of faded wailing sound) continues to build and layer the track whilst still maintaining the ambient vibes.

For us, this album was influenced by a massive culmination of songs and bands across all genres and both positive and negative experiences taken from our lives.

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