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News: Only Echoes Remain release new single

London prog/post rock quartet Only Echoes Remain have just released their emotional and heavy live single “Monolith”, their first since last summer’s acclaimed debut concept album The Exigent, filmed live at their recent Chaos Theory show with Godspeed-collaborator thisquietarmy.

Explosive and emotive, OER caused a stir in the instrumental rock scene over 2017, within their first year recording their debut concept album at Abbey Road and playing shows with the likes of The Fierce & the Dead, Poly-Math, Totorro, Vasudeva, Toska, Dialects, Waking Aida, Flies are Spies from Hell, Her Name is Calla and Tides of Man. The London-based 4-piece write expansive prog-influenced cinematic post-rock, meaning that their live shows blend passages of raw, heartfelt emotion with equal amounts of intricate guitar interplay and heavy riffs alike.

The band says “the new record definitely feels like a natural evolution for us. There’s a lot more riffs and some heavier sections, while keeping the delicate moments we’re known for, but then further developing the melodic interplay we started to explore in songs like Aurora last year. Monolith is almost the perfect transition between the records, as it has a feel of The Exigent about it yet our sound has clearly moved on from that – I think we learned a lot about each other musically while on the road last year and are really starting to make the most of that.”

When asked if the next record will also be a concept album, guitarist Arran Oakes said “while it won’t tell a full narrative like The Exigent did, there is a concept that ties the next record together, loosely covering the events and times leading Earth to the position where the Exigent mission became necessary, so on that level it’s a sort of prequel to the last album. It’s a lot more energetic than the last one though – even louder too, somehow!”

“We’re very excited about the next chapter for OER!”

Follow the band to keep up to date on live shows and their upcoming new album: OER Facebook

Upcoming Shows:

13/4 – Urban Bar, London
8/5 – The Star Inn, Guildford
14/5 – The Exchange, Bristol (supporting Toundra)
16/6 – Portals Festival, London
/16/8 – ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol


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