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Playlist: Steal The City and their influences

With their new EP, The Time We Needed being released on 13th April we caught up with Sam (Bass/Vocals) from Steal The City to get a playlist on their influences for the EP.

First up their new single…


Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison


This is the album that made Joe want to pick up a guitar in the first place, surely that’s enough of a recommendation? This track is also an absolute belter, a must for any fan of heavy music!


Young Guns – You Are Not


This is a fairly slow song, especially for Young Guns. Sam personally took a lot of inspiration from Young Guns in his early days of writing songs. The chorus is huge, with a fantastic melody, a catchy chorus line with even sweeter harmonies.


Three Days Grace – Time of Dying


This is another one of Joe’s influences; a great riff, aggressive but soulful vocals and another huge chorus (We’re a fan of those). A hard rock classic, surely?


While She Sleeps – Four Walls


As a bunch of Sheffield lads growing up around heavy music, While She Sleeps were (and still are) big influences of ours. 3 studio albums in and they still retain their own unique style, encouraging a sense of comradery. Their live shows are crazy and their crowd & fan interaction has always been top notch.


Creeper – Hiding With Boys


One of Sam’s & Smit’s influences. Still fairly new to the music scene, their emo/pop punk style mixed with Will Gould’s unique vocal style remind us of the My Chemical Romance days. Ahhh, those were the days.


Black Stone Cherry – Such A Shame


A lot of Smit’s early guitar playing was relatively blues based. Black Stone Cherry’s meaty riffs certainly have a blues influence to them. That… And they just write absolute cracking tunes.


Casey – Little Bird


This 5 Piece outfit from Wales are still relatively new to the music scene. They are certainly unique in the way they do things; they bring an atmosphere to their songs & live shows. Their lyrical content is very clever, and we have been captivated by their music ever since we first listened to them. Definitely check these guys out!


Madina Lake – Me Vs. The World


All of us loved Madina Lake growing up. If we ever got asked to join them on a show I think we’d all die happy. Don’t really need to say more on this… Great band!


Offspring – All I Want


Collectively one of our favourite bands, we found it hard to decide on a song for these guys. We love the energy, the powerful vocals and general feel good vibe they give off.


Alter Bridge – Blackbird


This song is a rather long one… Is that a bad thing? Definitely not! We’re a fan of Myles Kennedy’s soulful & unique vocal style, Mark Tremonti’s riffing/shredding skills and the general feel of the song. No matter the situation, we always can’t help but sing along.


Darude – Sandstorm


Come on… Everyone knows this song. It doesn’t need an introduction.



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