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EP Review: Skylight by Flicker Rate

Flicker Rate (a.k.a Spencer Bassett) releases his new EP Skylight on 13th April. Flicker Rate is an Instrumental, Guitar based Progressive, Post Rock / Math Rock Solo Project that fuses progressive ambient guitar playing with strong creative melodies and riffs.

This EP is more of an ambient affair than last year’s Reframe and is every bit as accomplished and assured as you’d expect. Title track and opener ‘Skylight’ is your archetypical ambient tinged post-rock affair, full of emotion and textured guitars and some compelling piano work. ‘Cloud Drop’ takes that template and expands upon it. Again it’s an assured and compelling track that shows just how good a musician Bassett is.

‘Shimmer’ adds a nice groove to proceedings as the track loops through its sub 2-minute signature. Stand out track comes in the form of American Football tinged math stormer ‘Grow’. The layered guitars wash over you, pulling your emotions in what is the EPs most complete track. ‘Echoes Fall’ is the shortest track yet still feels like the most expansive. Another moment where you’d think this was a long-in-tooth band rather than a young mans solo project.

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