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Album Review: Erase Me by Underøath

Underøath release their sixth album Erase Me on 6th April via Fearless Records. “We had been doing this for 13 or so years,” says Spencer Chamberlain, the band’s dynamic frontman, about the respite that got them to where they are now. “We were just done by that point. We never knew how long it was going to last. How many hardcore bands last? It’s not like we hated each other, the music or the industry. We blinked, and a decade went by of never being home. But we needed that break, otherwise now wouldn’t have been possible”.  It’s been eight years since Underøath released new material, so have they reverted to form or is this something new?

“The only rule we had on this record was to reject the phrase we said about our previous records,” says Chamberlain. “’That’s not Underøath enough.’ We left that shit in St. Petersburg when we played that last farewell show. To say something’s ‘not Underøath enough’ robs us of growing. We didn’t say we were going to make an artsy record, a melodic record or a record our fans will like. We made a record that stokes us out that we love. And in my whole life, I’ve never said that on any record I’ve ever been on. That’s us growing up and progressing—not just as musicians but as human beings.”

Let’s make one thing clear, this isn’t hardcore. This isn’t even melodic hardcore. This is middle of the road pop rock with some riffs thrown into the mix. Imagine the worst parts of mainstream metal, imagine the wealth of bands that have started out heavy and gone pop, imagine the very worst parts of bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, blessthefall or Sleeping With Sirens. If you’ve thought of all that you’re still not prepared for how bad this is.

To say this is the worst album we’ve listened to this year would be fair. Hell, it’s so bad we normally wouldn’t even consider it for review. Why did we review it? I’m beginning to question that but feel that now we’re 350 words in I might as well continue. Scrap that, a review is the only way to justify listening to this drivel.

You couldn’t get any more generic or bland than the 11 tracks here, the ‘electronic’ moments couldn’t be any cringier and the ‘riffs’ are written for a 13 year old just being introduced to slightly heavy music. We could pontificate about how bad this is for ages but there’s no point, rather we’ll exit with some positivity. ‘Rapture’ is quite catchy and closer ‘I Gave Up’ sums up the feelings I had 3 minutes into the album and is, ironically, the best track on the album.

AD Rating 2/10

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