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Playlist: Palm Reader’s Guilty Pleasures

To accompany our review of the new Palm Reader album, Braille, we asked the guys to curate a playlist for us. They’ve gone with their guilty pleasures, over to them…


Palm Reader’s Guilty Pleasures



Burn it to the ground by Nickelback

This doesn’t feel much like a guilty pleasure because it’s 3 minutes and 31 seconds of pure riff born from Jack Daniels T-shirts and leather bracelets but being in a somewhat serious band you’re not allowed to enjoy a Nickelback song. But put me in a van with Rob (drummer of Employed to serve) and warm cans of fosters with this blasting out and things will happen


You’re The Voice by John Farnham

This song could build a nation, destroy it and rebuild it better than ever before. This song is a motivational power house. When the “Whoa’s” in the chorus hit you better believe there’s not a dry eye in the van.

Plus only one song in the world can get away with a bagpipe solo….. Don’t you even fucking dare to think Korn can.





Peacock by Katy Perry

Literally nothing beats an open autobahn in summer with my total lack of vocal skills belting out this banger at full volume. Yeah it’s a song about dicks but that’s all part of the charm I guess. 10/10 banger.



Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco

The age-old story of boy meets girl, with skateboards. Laid back hip hop at its finest. Reminds me of a better time with less to worry about.




Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

The only thing guilty about this heart felt banger is not listening to it enough. I’ve literally sat there and listened to it for an hour on repeat feeling no shame at all.


Love Shack by B-52s

Are you driving down the autobahn? Do you see that sign? What does it say you ask?!

Why it’s 15 miles to the loooooooove shaaaaack! Obviously….




Voulez Vous by ABBA


hands down one of the best choruses to sing, preferably as a group after a few cans. Sweden’s finest hit machines at their best.


Incredible by General levy

try shouting “wicked! Wicked!” Without skipping a beat someone in the near vicinity will shout back “junglist massive” its a timeless classic and a delicious slice of 90s culture.




Sandstorm by Darude

This goes without saying it’s the best EDM song ever written. Put this one in the van and everyone is gonna start punching the air and using their phone torches as make shift strobes


Treasure by Bruno Mars

This song has spawned a few of my favourite NSFW memes. Plus, it’s bit good isn’t



Spotify playlist with the bangers



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