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EP Review: The Illuminator by Eyes On Satellites

Boston post hardcore quartet Eyes on Satellites release their new EP The Illuminator on 6th April. Mixed and mastered by Matt McLellan (Underoath, Being As An Ocean) at Glow in the Dark Studios, the six track EP is a masterclass in post hardcore – mixing melodic guitars, driving drums and ambient moments all with the hardcore backdrop.

The Illuminator represents Eyes On Satellites as a whole. It’s the culmination of endless writing and hard work to achieve the growth and change as a band that we strived for. Going into writing these songs we wanted to both sonically and musically challenge and push ourselves out of our comfort zones,” explains bassist, Daniel Matthew. “The end result is six songs telling an intertwined story of love, loss, and having the comfort and courage to be yourself and stand up for what you truly believe in.”

Opener ‘Further Now’ showcases the band’s heavier side, churning guitars are complemented by the hardcore vocal. However it also shows the band’s more accessible side with clean vocals and intricate guitar work adding a different texture.

‘Clarity’ is equal parts hardcore beast and post hardcore hook monster. If it’s possible to imagine the lovechild of La Dispute and Funeral For A Friend you’ll have a good image of this track. ‘Illuminator’ excels in its guitar work, stretching the genre with soaring guitars all held together with the pummelling drumming. ‘Ghostwood’ is the track on which you begin to think Eyes On Satellites could be something special, it feels like an epic post hardcore track. Again the fibres of the genre are stretched with its expansiveness with the quieter moments allowing the intricate guitar work to come to the fore and impress. ‘Greenvale’ is another good track, but it’s on ‘She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings’ that hits home that Eyes On Satellites are the cusp of becoming a great band. Emotional and empowering.

There’s moments of real magic here. Keep your eyes on these guys, they’re going to be special.

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