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Feature: The Search For Hidden Gems Volume 3

After a few rum and gingers on a Saturday night we decided to bring back the Search For Hidden Gems feature. Basically it’s tracks from smaller, unknown or unsigned acts that we think are worthy of your attention.

Want to be included? Have a ganders at our about page.

Mewn Darnau by Breichiau Hir

Ever felt that there was a gaping Welsh language post-hardcore hole in your life? Well Breichiau Hir are here to fill it with this track which makes up a double A side with ‘Halen’. Raw post-hardcore is the order of the day and it’s pretty darn exciting.


I Know You by Chris Morrisey

There’s a kind of raw Soundgarden / Silverchair sound to this track. There’s hints of grunge but it’s decidedly alt rock. It gets better as it progresses


Advertise Your Life by Spun

There’s a real old school rock feel to this, think late 90s rock. Think Therapy?. With that taken into account was there any way that we couldn’t include this?


Who We Are by Weesp

Accessible metal with a touch of industrial? Check. Marilyn Manson-esque but with more grit? Check. Belarusian? Check.


Charging Up! by Milsandre’s Beaver

Basically we’ve included this because it’s so shit it’s good. Wait, we’re not even sure it’s good. The video is rubbish, but there are some nice riffs


The Rocket by Lost At Sea

Infectious synth driven pop-punk is the order of the day here. There’s something endearing about this, a nice pop-punk track with a great video. This should help you recover from the previous track.


Forceful by Rise or Fall

We hadn’t included any metal yet, so here you go. POWER METAL



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